The Phoebe Quilt Pattern Mockups

The Phoebe Quilt Pattern Mockups

Yay! It's time to share the Phoebe Quilt mockups. These all came from your requests on Instagram and I did as many as I could.

The way my 3 quilt samples ended up this time around (Pure Solids, Scrappy, and Chalk and Charcoal) I ended up not having one that used prints! This was an oversight on my part and not because the pattern doesn't work with prints. To make up for that, I tried to include lots of prints in this group.

Stay Gold

The Phoebe Quilt in Stay Gold

Vintage Garden

The Phoebe Quilt in Vintage Garden


The Phoebe Quilt in Sunnyside

Reading Nook

The Phoebe Quilt in Reading Nook


The Phoebe Quilt in Starry

Bleu de France

The Phoebe Quilt in Bleu de Frances


The Phoebe Quilt in Firefly


The Phoebe Quilt in Haven

Achroma (dark background)

The Phoebe Quilt in Achroma 2

Achroma (light background)

The Phoebe Quilt in Achroma


The Phoebe Quilt in Mindscape


The Phoebe Quilt in Tabanca


The Phoebe Quilt in Sunwashed


The Phoebe Quilt in Woolies


The Phoebe Quilt in Linear

I would really like to make any of these but my favorite is probably Vintage Garden or Starry. I also really like the Achroma with the dark background. Which one is your favorite?

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Francyne on

I love Reading Nook and Firefly and Tabanca!!!!
Thank you so much for doing these mock ups. They really help us to make choices on the type of fabric to use in making the pattern!!!

Susan on

I also love the Woolies as well as Linear. It’s a great pattern!

B. J. Berlo on

My favorites are Firefly and Achroma light background (which I could make from my stash right now). What an interesting design! Hmmmmmm.

Denise on

Thanks for all the different mock ups. I am rethinking the jelly roll I had picked based on these fabulous mockups. My favorites are the Woolies for a male recipient and Tabanca for a female recipient.

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