The Phoebe Quiltalong Week 3 - Piecing Your Blocks

The Phoebe Quiltalong Week 3 - Piecing Your Blocks

This week we are starting to piece the blocks for the Phoebe Quiltalong. We will be continuing this next week, so that will give you some wiggle room if you are busy this week.

To start off, I will be piecing the strips that make up the block (see the image below if that doesn't make any sense) and then next week I will be sewing them together. If you would prefer to completely piece half of the blocks this week and then do the other half next week, that works, too.


The piecing for this quilt is pretty straightforward, but I will give you some thoughts on how I approach my quilt. 

  • Sew the smaller feature fabric pieces first

Since these are all getting sewn to the same size piece, I like to get them out of the way so that I don't get everything mixed up. You will need two of these for each block.

  • Next, sew together the longer feature fabric pieces to your 4.5" background pieces, then set these aside. You will also need 2 of these for each block.
  • Last, sew the longer feature fabric pieces to your background squares. You will just need one of these for each block.

A note on pressing: I press all of my seams open and that is my preferred method for this pattern. If you prefer to press your seams to the side, I am pretty sure (I haven't tried this, so no promise) that if you press these seams toward the darker fabric in this step and then press your seams toward of the bottom of the block when piecing your block, you will get some nesting seams.

I do like to pin all of my pieces before I sew them, even these small little seams, because I feel like it helps me get more accurate results. 


 Tomorrow at noon PST, I will be doing a live video on Instagram where I talk a little about piecing these blocks. If you have any questions that you would like me to answer, please let me know!

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