Spooky 'n Witchy Quilt Ideas

Spooky 'n Witchy Quilt Ideas

Some (Purple!) Halloween Inspiration

I love any excuse to sew with purple, so I really didn't have a choice and had to do some mockups using the new Spooky 'n Witchy collection from Art Gallery Fabrics. This line of Halloween fabrics has really warmed me up to using holiday fabrics — I made the Judy Quilt with Spooky 'n Sweeter and another quilt ideas post with Sweet 'n Spookier if you want a little more pink and purple Halloween inspiration.

The Verity Quilt

(This is my next pattern! I will be available on Tuesday)

The Verity Quilt in Spooky n Witchy

The Jonah Quilt

The Jonah Quilt in Spooky n Witchy

The Sadie Quilt

The Sadie Quilt in Spooky n Witchy

The Violet Quilt

The Violet Quilt in Spooky n Witchy

The Judy Quilt

The Judy Quilt in Spooky n Witchy

The Luna Quilt

The Luna Quilt in Spooky n Witchy

And if that's not enough inspiration for you, I am almost done making a sample of another new pattern using this line (you might have caught a couple of glimpses on Instagram) that I will be sharing soon.

I hope that Art Gallery continues to make this series of Halloween fabric lines because I would definitely keep sewing with them!

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Michelle on

Love this! I think I have pieces from each year of the Art Gallery Halloween fabrics. Sample certainly make it easier to decide what we should sew! I decided upon the Jonah – Happy Halloween!

Rochelle on

Thanks for all the options for this line of fabric. I have all three lines and have made the Judy quilt with Sweet and Spooky.

Valarie on

I absolutely adore all Halloween fabric! It’s my favorite. :) This patterns are perfect for it!

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