Quilt Ideas - Sewing Basket

Quilt Ideas - Sewing Basket

This week I decided to go with a slightly more traditional-than-my-norm fabric collection. This is Sewing Basket by Laundry Basket Quilts.

When I was doing a little bit of fabric shopping recently, I saw this collection under the new arrivals and really liked the combination of colors. The prints are all small scale and are fairly traditional, but the colors are bright and happy and give it a little bit of a modern appearance. 

The Charlotte Quilt

The Charlotte Quilt in Sewing Basket

The Freya Quilt

The Freya Quilt in Sewing Basket

The Luna Quilt

The Luna Quilt in Sewing Basket

The Iris Quilt

The Iris Quilt in Sewing Basket

The Taylor Quilt

The Taylor Quilt in Sewing Basket

The Eliza Quilt

The Eliza Quilt in Sewing Basket

The Stella Quilt

The Stella Quilt in Sewing Basket

The Erica Quilt

The Erica Quilt in Sewing Basket

My favorite from this group is probably the Iris Quilt. I love the mix of the more traditional fabrics with a more modern quilt pattern. If you would like to make your own quilt, you can find Sewing Basket in shops now. 

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Robby on


If you go to her patterns listings in her shop, there’s a column on the left side where she has listed helpful groups of quilts. Near the bottom, click on ‘More’ and it drops down bed sizes. If you select ‘twin’ it will list her quilts that have measurements for a twin quilt. HTH

Lois Christiansen on

Love them all. Do you have sizes of each pattern. I’m needing to make a twin size. So very pretty!

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