Pattern of the Week - The Libby Quilt

Pattern of the Week - The Libby Quilt

If you haven’t already been introduced, meet the Libby Quilt Pattern. This is one of my woven style patterns (love them!) and it is also the first pattern that included queen size instructions. Let me tell you a few more fun things about this quilt.The Libby Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

1. Show Off Your Fabrics

This pattern uses wide cuts of fabric and is really great at showcasing your fabrics. If you have a print that you don’t want to cut into small pieces, this is a perfect option.

2. Quick and Easy

Because there isn’t a ton of cutting and the pieces are fairly large, this quilt is quick to make!

3. Minimal Fabric Requirements

The Libby Quilt only uses 8 feature fabrics, making it a great option for smaller collections or if you want to use just a few favorite prints from a collection.

4. No Y-Seams

I promise, there are no y-seams in this quilt.

5. Easy Construction

This pattern looks much trickier to make than it actually is. The construction is a little different from what you might see in other patterns, but there are tons of diagrams in the instructions to help everything come together.

Here are the posts from the pattern’s original release back in July of 2018:

The Libby Quilt Intro Post

The Libby Quilt in Panorama

That’s it! I did not write many blog posts for new patterns earlier in my pattern-writing days. But don’t worry, I’ve got lots of new mockups for you!

Christmas in the Cabin by AGF Studio
The Libby Quilt in Christmas in the Cabin

Dog Park by Sarah Watts
The Libby Quilt in Dog Park

30s Playtime by Linzee McCray
The Libby Quilt in 30s Playtime

Wild Abandon by Heather Bailey
The Libby Quilt in Wild Abandon

The Flower Fields by Maureen Cracknell
The Libby Quilt in The Flower Fields

Seedling by Katarina Roccella
The Libby Quilt in Seedling

BloomBerry by Minki Kim
The Libby Quilt in BloomBerry

Evolve by Suzy Quilts
The Libby Quilt in Evolve

Albion by Amy Smart
The Libby Quilt in Albion

Hey Boo by Lella Boutique
The Libby Quilt in Hey Boo

If you would like to make your own Libby Quilt, you can find it as both a paper and PDF pattern in the shop!

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