A Solid, Rainbow Greta Quilt

A Solid, Rainbow Greta Quilt

Yes, I made a rainbow sample for the Greta Quilt Pattern and yes, I loved making it.

For my rainbow of solids, I pulled out my overflowing bin of Art Gallery Pure Solids and started picking some fabrics. This is the fun part. Or I guess it is the first fun part because all of the parts are fun.

A Rainbow Solid Greta Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

I ended up making some substitutions because I wanted to stick with what I had in my stash so in a perfect world, I may have used some different purple shades but I am happy with how it turned out anyway. 

A Rainbow Solid Greta Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

Here are the colors that I used in my quilt: 

Sedona - FQS/Pear Tree

Blossomed - FQS/Pear Tree

Terracotta Tile - FQS/Pear Tree

Apple Cider - FQS/Pear Tree

Spiced - FQS/Pear Tree

Queen Bee - FQS/Pear Tree

Aurus - FQS/Pear Tree

Lemon Tart - FQS/Pear Tree

Garden Fern - FQS/Pear Tree

Eucalyptus - FQS/Pear Tree

Patina Green - FQS/Pear Tree

Hemlock - FQS/Pear Tree

Mediterraneo - FQS/Pear Tree

Swimming Pool - FQS/Pear Tree

Honeymoon - FQS/Pear Tree

Blueberry Zest - FQS/Pear Tree

Atmospheric - FQS/Pear Tree

Haze - FQS/Pear Tree

Bougainvillea - FQS/Pear Tree

Mauvelous - FQS/Pear Tree

White Linen - FQS/Pear Tree

I'm going to be totally honest here — I was (and still am?) a little worried about making this quilt as a sample for this pattern. Not because I don't love how the quilt turned out (I do!) but because instructions for making a quilt just like this aren't explicitly included in the pattern since I used more fabric than the pattern called for.

A Rainbow Solid Greta Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

I love putting my own spin on a quilt pattern and this is just one of a million different ways you could make the Greta Quilt. I hope that you find this outside-the-box version of the pattern to be inspiring and not frustrating since you would need to do a little math to make the quilt like this. I wish I could write every variation into every quilt pattern but it just isn't possible!

A Rainbow Solid Greta Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

My plan going forward is to make a sample like this for every pattern since it gives me a chance to be a little more creative and it gives more advanced/more adventurous quilters a look at how they could put their own spin on a pattern. 

A Rainbow Solid Greta Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

For the quilting, I did diagonal scallops. This has become one of my favorite ways for quilting and I love that the shape of the scallops are similar to a rainbow. This stitch is already programmed into my machine (it may be in yours too!) but I am thinking about creating a new version with slightly larger stitches. 

A Rainbow Solid Greta Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

If you would like to make a quilt just like this, you can find all of the Pure Solids linked above from my 2 favorite sources of AGF fabrics. And don't forget to pick up a copy of the Greta Quilt Pattern!

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