Trying Something New — Pattern of the Week!

Trying Something New — Pattern of the Week!

Starting this next week, I am going to be trying something new. Instead of making Quilt Ideas posts like this one where I show a fabric collection mocked up in different patterns, I'm going to feature a single pattern mocked up in different fabric collection. I am already doing this with new pattern releases, but there are lots of patterns in the shop that I haven't done this for and lots of new collections to try.

In addition, that pattern will be 20% off during the week that it is featured BUT the discount code for the pattern will only be available in my newsletter so make sure that you are a subscriber! Click here to sign up.

I am mostly going to focus on some of the patterns that have been in the shop for a few years, but will probably mix it up with newer patterns sometimes too so if you have a request for a featured pattern, let me know in the comments!

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Sharon on

I love the idea of mockups in different color combos as it’s very inspiring to me.

Sarah Thering on

This is a great idea! I love when you show different color combinations for the same pattern. It gives me great ideas for making a pattern – and thanks for always offering a discount.

Paula on

I know it takes time, but your mock ups are great for sparking ideas. Definitely a bonus for people who find it challenging to visualize alternatives. Thanks for trying this (and the discount).

Ruth on

Excellent! Always a positive to see options. Thank you

pammie on

Looking forward to seeing the different color schemes.
This is what I struggle with—changing the colors.
thank you

Debra on

Great idea!

Marie C Tremblay on

Love this idea.
Enjoyed very much making your Zelda Quilt.
Happy to wait and see what pattern will be featured.

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