The Verity Quilt Mockups

The Verity Quilt Mockups

Prepare yourself: there are a lot of mockups in this post! I had an unusual amount of time at my computer this week so I think I did mockups for all of the requested collections. If I missed any, I'm sorry!

For almost all of the mockups, I used a white or low volume print for the background fabric. I know, I'm boring. There are a couple mixed in here with a dark or bright background fabric just because I know that some of you aren't boring.

Are you ready? Here we go!

Sunnyside by Camille Roskelley

The Verity Quilt in Sunnyside

Marigold by Aneela Hoey

The Verity Quilt in Marigold

Spooky Schoolhouse by Melissa Mortenson

The Verity Quilt in Spooky Schoolhouse

Smol by Kimberly Kight

The Verity Quilt in Smol

Local Honey by Heather Bailey

Verity in Local Honey

Strawberry Fields

Verity in Strawberry Fields

Pastel-ish Solids

Colors: Mauvelous, Light Grey, Celestial, Mystic Grey, Lavender Water, Creme de la Creme, Vanilla Custard, Georgia Peach, Crystalline, Coconut Milk, Pacific, Sweet Macademia, Apricot Creme, Peach Sherbet, Gentle Feather, Blushing, Cotton Candy, and White Linen.

The Verity Quilt in Pure Pastels

Sugar Maple by Alexia Abegg

Verity in Sugar Maple

Brave by Anna Maria

The Verity Quilt in Brace

Bloomsville by Tilda Fabrics

The Verity Quilt in Bloomsville

Wild Meadow by Sweetfire Road

The Verity Quilt in Wild Meadow

Rainbow Sherbet by Sariditty

Verity in Rainbow Sherbet

Pure Solids

Colors: Garden Fern, Miami Sunset, Mandarin, Sedona, Dried Carrot, Gingerbread, Terracotta Tile, Apple Cider Bewitched, Raw Gold, Smooth Pebble, Turmeric, Sweet Fit, Field of Lavender, Dried Roses, Cinnamon, and Ethereal Pink. 
Verity in Pure Solids2

Pure Solids (Dark Background)

Colors: Same as the quilt above but with Slate as the background color.
Verity in Pure Solids

Frisky by Zen Chic

The Verity Quilt in Frisky

Wintertale by Katarina Roccella

Verity in Wintertale

Camellia by Melody Miller

The Verity Quilt in Camellia

Reading Nook by Sarah Watts

The Verity Quilt in Reading Nook

Koi Pond by Rashida Coleman-Hale

The Verity Quilt in Koi Pond

Berry Basket by April Rosenthal

The Verity Quilt in Berry Basket

Floradora by Jen Hewett

Verity in Floradora

Holidays at Home by Deb Strain

The Verity Quilt in Holiday at Home

Painted Meadow by Robin Pickens

Verity in Painted Meadow

Nantucket Summer by Camille Roskelley

The Verity Quilt in Nantucket Summer

Verbena by Jen Hewett

The Verity Quilt in Verbana

Sunbeam by Rashida Coleman-Hale

The Verity Quilt in Sunbeam

Petunia by Kimberly Kight

The Verity Quilt in Petunia

Solids with a limited color range

Colors: Emerald, Cozumel Blue, Spruce, Pistachio Creme, Ocean Waves, Pacific, Tender Green, Secret Lagoon, Morning Frost, Maldives, Swimming Pool, Icy Mint, Mirage Blue, Fresh Water, Crystalline, Warm Wave, Tile Blue, and White Linen.

Verity in Cools

Songbook a New Page by Fancy That Design House

The Verity Quilt in Songbook a New Page

Warm Solids

Colors: Lemon Tart, Gingerbread, Tigerlily, English Toffee, Sienna Brick, Honey, Pampas, Terracotta Tile, Aurora Red, Aurus, Apple Cider, Desert Dunes, Dried Carrot, Chocolate, Autumnal, Vintage Walnut, Raw Gold, and Creme de la Creme.

Verity in Warms

Lil by Kimberly Kight

The Verity Quilt in LIl

Wow, that was a lot! I did a few each day this week and now I have a bunch more quilts that I want to make! Ha! I think my favorite of this bunch is Reading Nook — I am a little obsessed with that collection right now. I also really like Petunia and Verbana. Which is your favorite?

I have linked to all of the fabrics that I was able to find in stock. Don't forget to pick up your copy of the Verity Quilt Pattern from the shop!

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Pat Conant on

Love Petunia and Nantucket!! I really love them all. Please add me to your mailing list. Thank you

Nancy Dowhower on

What happens if you turn every other vertical row right side up?

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