The Sylvie Quilt - Pattern Testers' Quilts

The Sylvie Quilt - Pattern Testers' Quilts

A Baby Size Sylvie Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

Today I get to share my pattern testers' quilts with you! Because this pattern is a little different than what you normally see, I had more testers test the pattern - I wanted to make sure that the pattern was as easy to follow as it is easy to make. 

So that means I have a lot of photos here for you! I am always so amazed to see what people do with my patterns and so I am extra excited to share all of these gorgeous photos with you. I have linked to each testers' Instagram account so you can check out more of their work. 

Haley's Quilt - @happinessinthemaking

Haley's Sylvie Quilt

Ashlee's Quilt - @crinklyquilts

Ashlee's Sylvie Quilt

Erin's Quilt - @houseonhillroad

Erin's Sylvie Quilt

Sandie's Quilt - @crazyboutquilts

Sandie's Sylvie Quilt

Miranda's Quilt - @mustlovequilts

Miranda's Sylvie Quilt

Meli's Quilt - @theshortmunchkin

Meli's Sylvie Quilt

Patti's Quilt - @pattimakesquilts

Patti's Sylvie Quilt

Jeanine's Quilt - @milesoffabric

Jeanine's Sylvie Quilt

Barbara's Quilt - @thequiltedb

Barbara's Sylvie Quilt

Laurie's Quilt - @lauriegran

Laurie's Sylvie Quilt

Aren't they all amazing? If you would like to make your own version of the Sylvie Quilt, you can pick up a copy in the shop.

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