The Stella Quilt Pattern Mock-ups

The Stella Quilt Pattern Mock-ups

Yay! It's time for me to share the mock-ups that I put together using the Stella Quilt Pattern. I was a little short on time this week so I didn't do quite as many as last time, but I still tried to honor as many requests as I could. 

Normally I do all of my mock-ups in lap size since that is the size most commonly made, but I had a request this time to show baby size so two of these mock-ups are a little smaller! This quilt is great for a baby size quilt because it still uses quite a few different fabrics so it can display most (if not all!) of the fabrics in smaller collections.

Here we go! Let me know your favorite in the comments. I will tell you my favorite if you make it all of the way to the bottom of the list. 

Note: Because the pattern uses larger number of fabrics, some of these mock-ups are a slightly modified version of the instructions. A couple of the quilts use each fabric twice and some use a fabric more than once but I tried to stick to the pattern for most of the quilts. 

Atomic by Libs Elliott

available next month

The Stella Quilt in Atomic

Kindred by Sharon Holland

The Stella Quilt in Kindred

Lighthearted by Camille Roskelley

The Stella Quilt in Lighthearted

Bloomsville by Tilda Fabrics

The Stella Quilt in Bloomsville

Linear by Rashida Coleman-Hale

The Stella Quilt in Linear

Christmas Eve by Lella Boutique

The Stella Quilt in Christmas Eve

Tiny Beasts by Tula Pink

The Stella Quilt in Tiny Beasts

Duval by Suzy Quilts (baby size!)

The Baby Size Stella Quilt in Duval

Starry by Alexia Abegg

The Stella Quilt in Starry

Space Dye by Figo Fabrics

The Stella Quilt in Space Dye

Seedling by Katarina Roccella

The Stella Quilt in Seedling

Daisy by Maureen Cracknell (baby size!)

The Stella Quilt Baby Size in Daisy

Tula Pink Solids

The Stella Quilt in Tula Solids

Reverie by Melody Miller

The Stella Quilt in Reverie

Sunbeam by Rashida Coleman-Hale

The Stella Quilt in Sunbeam

Lil by Kimberly Kight

The Stella Quilt in Lil

My favorites are a tie — I love the Atomic and Bloomsville mock-ups! They are so different but I love them both.

I have linked to each fabric collection above if it is currently available and you can pickup a copy of the Stella Quilt Pattern in my shop!

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Sharon on

My favorite is Linear by Rashida Coleman-Hale. Love those colors and the high contrast. Thanks for doing this.

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