The Stella Quilt in Spooky 'n Witchy

The Stella Quilt in Spooky 'n Witchy

I think 2023 is going to go down as the year of the Halloween quilt at Kitchen Table Quilting — I have never made this many! This this is my spooky take on the Stella Quilt pattern and it uses a new collection called Spooky 'n Witchy from Art Gallery Fabrics.

The Stella Quilt in Spooky 'n Witchy 10

If this collection looks familiar to you, that's because this is the newest addition to a really fun Halloween series. I really enjoy when fabric companies offer a series like this because fabrics from different collections mix and match well. Last year I made a quilt using Spooky 'n Sweeter, and I have done a Quilt Ideas post for both Sweet 'n Spookier and Spooky 'n Witchy.

The Stella Quilt in Spooky 'n Witchy 1
The Stella Quilt in Spooky 'n Witchy 7

You can probably guess what I love about this collection: the pink and purple. I am so predictable. While purple does show up in Halloween decor, pink doesn't usually and the combination is just is even more rare. I love it.

The Stella Quilt in Spooky 'n Witchy 5
The Stella Quilt in Spooky 'n Witchy 6

Are you ready for this backing? It's a flannel print from the collection and you might notice that it is a color that doesn't appear in the quilt top. I was interested to see how it would look with the quilt and I think the colors work together wonderfully. Plus flannel as a quilt backing is just so snuggly.

The Stella Quilt in Spooky 'n Witchy 9

For the quilting, I did evenly spaced vertical lines. I wanted something very minimal since there is a lot going on with the prints and it worked out great.

The Stella Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

You can find Spooky 'n Witchy in shops now and you can find the Stella Quilt pattern in my shop. 

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