The Ruby Quilt Pattern - the Mockups

The Ruby Quilt Pattern - the Mockups

You know I always love sharing these for each pattern release and this is no exception — here are the mockups using the Ruby Quilt Pattern.

I asked for your suggestions for fabric collections and there were a lot! I did my best to make a mockup for as many as I could. 

Sunnyside by Camille Roskelley

The Ruby Quilt in Sunnyside Together

Adel in Summer by Sandy Gervais

The Ruby Quilt in Adel in Summer

Everglow by Tula Pink

Ok, this is just one colorway from the collection. I had lots of requests for Everglow or a combination of Everglow with the Neon True Colors. All of the prints in Everglow are large scale so they are tricky for this pattern because you need a mix, but the colors of combining everything from the collections was a little tricky. Tula Pink posted some suggested colorways on her Instagram that combine an Everglow print with some of the Neon True Colors and her solids, so I used one of those to make this mockup.

The Ruby Quilt Pattern in Lunar Everglow

Timberline by Jessica Swift

The Ruby Quilt in Timberline

Starry by Alexia Abegg

The Ruby Quilt in Starry

Duval by Suzy Quilts

The Ruby Quilt in Duval

Sugar Cone by Kim Kight

Multiple requests for this one too! It won't be available for a little bit, but it is a super fun collection.

The Ruby Quilt in Sugar Cone

Pickle Juice by Dana Willard

The Ruby Quilt in Pickle Juice

Seedling by Katarina Roccella

The Ruby Quilt in Seedling

Land of the Brave by My Mind's Eye

The Ruby Quilt in Land of the Brave

Speckled (Warm) by Rashida Coleman-Hale

The Ruby Quilt in Warm Speckled

Speckled (Cool) by Rashida Coleman-Hale

The Ruby Quilt in Cool Speckled

The Magic of Christmas by Lori Whitlock

The Ruby Quilt in The Magic of Christmas

Filigree by Zen Chic

The Ruby Quilt in Filigree

Art Gallery Pure Solids

The Ruby Quilt in Pure Solids

Those were so much fun. If you look back to my Reading Nook Quilt ideas post, you can spot one more.

I added links to all of the available collections. You can find the Ruby Quilt pattern in my shop!

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Michele on

Look at that great transparency effect you got with the Speckled cool collection! That’s awesome 👌

Elaine Riley on

I buy fabric, I buy quilt patterns, and seldom do they meet. Your post is so helpful to see what could be. And a great way for fabric designers to showcase their work. Almost too many choices, just kidding.

Michelle on

WOW! I am so impressed on all the very different options here. It really helps as I do have issues with seeing outside the box sometimes.

Sue S on

I’m so glad you do this! Really loved Seedling and Land of the Brave. I find it very helpful to see many color options.

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