The Ruby Quilt Pattern — Cutting Your Strip Pieced Fabric

The Ruby Quilt Pattern — Cutting Your Strip Pieced Fabric

For a lot of years, I did not enjoy strip piecing because I thought it was really annoying to do. I would rather have something take longer than to hate doing it, so I would usually find a way around it.

But guess what — strip piecing is actually really useful! It can speed up a project that would otherwise be repetitive and it can give you really good results. The main thing that changed my mind about strip piecing was the Stripology XL ruler. Because you can square up the edge of your fabric without moving your ruler and line up the horizontal line on your ruler with a long stretch of fabric, it is so easy.

In this video I show you how I cut my fabric. And then I show you six more times (though I sped up the video) just in case you aren't convinced. 

These are the supplies that I used in this video:

The Ruby Quilt Pattern

Home Town Rolie Polie

1 2/3 yds Home Town Bodell Frosting

1 1/3 yds Home Town Butterfield Tea Dye

Stripology XL Ruler

Creative Grids Cutting Mat

Olfa Rotary Cutter

I have one more video for you tomorrow! I will explain how I piece my quilt top.

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