The Orla Quilt Pattern Mockups

The Orla Quilt Pattern Mockups

I asked for your input on which fabric collections I used to mock up the Orla Quilt, and you guys really came through! There were more than 40 requests which made me SO HAPPY. However, it did not magically give me more hours in the day so I could not make a mockup for every request but I did as many as I could.

As usual, I tried to do a good mix of different background colors and styles. There were a handful of collections that were requested by more than one person so I made sure to do all of those. I did not do fabric guides this time around due to time constraints — if they are something you find helpful, please send me an email and let me know and I will do my best to provide them in the future.

Bee Vintage by Lori Holt

The Orla Quilt in Bee Vintage

Moon Garden by Tula Pink

The Orla Quilt in Moon Garden

Moonglow by Alexia Marcelle Abegg

The Orla Quilt in Moonlight

Nutmeg by BasicGrey

The Orla Quilt in Nutmeg

Achroma by Ruby Star Society

The Orla Quilt in Achroma - Gray Background

Midnight in the Garden by Sweetfire Road

The Orla Quilt in Midnight in the Garden

Local Honey by Heather Bailey

The Orla Quilt in Local Honey

First Light by Ruby Star Society

The Orla Quilt in First Light

Sundance by Crystal Manning

The Orla Quilt in Sundance

Vista Wovens by Moda

The Orla Quilt in Vista Wovens

Rainbow Solids (these are Tula Pink Solids)

The Orla Quilt in Rainbow

Birdsong by Gingiber

The Orla Quilt in Birdsong

Filigree by Zen Chic

The Orla Quilt in Filigree

Root by e Bond

The Orla Quilt in Root

I think my favorite from this bunch is actually Bee Vintage — I have never made a project with Lori Holt's fabrics but this is her most tempting collection yet.

Head over to to pick up your copy of the pattern!

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Bobee McCaughey on

Thank you for all the fabric suggestions…really gets you thinking about how to approach a fabric pull. A really good thought about using the solids to highlight a pattern as sometimes you can get stuck on fabric and not see the potential in a pattern.

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