The Nancy Quilt - A New Pattern

The Nancy Quilt - A New Pattern

The Nancy Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting
I am excited to share a new pattern with you today - this is The Nancy Quilt! It is the first of 3 patterns that I will be sharing over the next three weeks; all of them are currently listed in the shop and they will all be on sale for the entire 3 week period. 
The Nancy Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

This pattern is considered "experienced beginner" which means that even though the block construction is simple, the quilt is on point so it is perfect for anyone who is making their second or third quilt and beyond.

There is a ton of potential for this pattern depending on your fabric choices and there is a section in the pattern that gives suggestions along with some mockups of how this quilt would work with different fabrics. I am working on a Christmas version of this pattern and you can follow along with the my progress on Instagram.

The inspiration for this pattern was actually the fabric that I used for the cover quilt - it is Smitten by Bonnie and Camille and I love it so much! The thing that inspired this pattern from the fabric is how the colors are interwoven throughout the collection.

This pattern is available in baby, lap, and twin sizes and is easily sized up or down by adding blocks if you need your quilt to be larger or smaller than the sizes that are listed.

There are coloring pages for each size - I am trying to make sure to have this available for all of my new patterns.

The Nancy Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

I had some really wonderful pattern testers for this quilt - after writing a lot of patterns over the past few years (I think this is my 20th!), I have a group of pattern testers that make me tear up in gratitude every single time. They are amazing.

Jeanine's Baby Size Quilt

I really love a black/navy blue pairing in a quilt and I love how Jeanine's black/white/gray/blue combo is so visually dynamic.
Jeanine's Nancy Quilt

Isabelle's Lap Size Quilt

I love the fun Cotton + Steel prints that Isabelle used in her version of the quilt, she did such a great job mixing the patterns and the colors are gorgeous!
Isabelle's Nancy Quilt

Barbara's Twin Size Quilt

I really love the bright colors that Barbara used in her quilt, it is so happy and will be beautiful on a bed. 
Barbara's Nancy Quilt

I hope you enjoy The Nancy Quilt! Both the PDF and paper versions of the pattern are now available in my shop and will be 20% off through Christmas Day.

The Nancy Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting The Nancy Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

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Sandy on

I LOVE this quilt!! You have many beautiful quilts…this one intrigues me!! Thank you for all your work!

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