The Mini Plaid-ish Quilt

The Mini Plaid-ish Quilt

I have been teasing this tutorial for a while, but I finally, FINALLY have everything ready to share with you.

Does this quilt look familiar? Look a little closer.

The Mini Plaid-ish Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

Yes, it’s a Plaid-ish Quilt, but it’s a little different. Meet the Mini Plaid-ish Quilt.

Why a Mini Plaid-ish?

The Plaid-ish quilt tutorial makes a BIG quilt and I have heard a lot people say that they want to make the pattern but they were a little overwhelmed. The mini quilt is still lap sized, but a smaller, more manageable size.

The Mini Plaid-ish Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

The other reason I decided to write a mini version is that it uses smaller scraps. The Plaid-ish Quilt can definitely clear out your scrap bin if you have lots of larger scarps, but this one uses sizes that are more likely to be in your bin.

The Mini Plaid-ish Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

Is this a good quilt for beginners?

Heck yes it is!

Does the tutorial have fabric requirements?

One of the main questions that I got about the original Plaid-ish quilt was how much fabric it required. Since the quilt was intended to be made from scraps, I didn’t originally include this information but I did make it available later in a blog post.

For the Mini Plaid-ish, fabric requirements for using yardage are included right in the tutorial.

The Mini Plaid-ish Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

What about a rainbow version?

There is a separate download just for using rainbow fabrics. In fact, there is a list of recommended colors for using Pure Solids, Kona, or Bella solid fabrics. The rainbow version that I made (and that I will be sharing tomorrow) uses Pure Solids. 

And yes, the rainbow version is FQ friendly.

How do I get the download?

Just like the original Plaid-ish quilt, this is a free download but it is only available for email subscribers. 

If you are already a subscriber, you should have already received a copy in your inbox.

If you aren’t yet an email subscriber, you can get a copy sent to you by signing up now. It should show up in your inbox within a couple of hours.

The Mini Plaid-ish Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

Why is it only for email subscribers?

I wanted to offer this as a free download, but I am still a business. I love what I do and I want to keep doing it, so this was a good way for me to make the tutorial free while still building my business. 

Is there a hashtag for this? 

Yes, of course. The original Plaid-ish Quilt uses the #plaidishquilt hashtag (check it out, there are more than 4,000 posts!) and for the Mini Plaid-ish we are going to use the #miniplaidishquilt hashtag. We are keeping it simple.

The Mini Plaid-ish Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

Will there be a quiltalong?

Earlier this week, I asked which quilt you guys wanted to quiltalong with next and you answered just like I was hoping you would: you want to do a Plaid-ish Quiltalong. We will start in the next few weeks (details soon) and you can make either the mini or the regular Plaid-ish Quilt and you can go rainbow, use scraps, or use yardage.

Also, isn't the quilting on this project gorgeous? It was quilted by Heidi of Piece and Joy Quilting and she just does the best job. She convinced me to use metallic gold thread and it is amazing.

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Billie Corbett on

I am wondering why there are not piecing and block measurements with the Plaidish quilt download?

Billie Corbett on

I am wondering why there are not piecing and block measurements with the Plaidish quilt download?

Kay Williams on

I have not received the link for the mini pladish yet. Is there something else I need to do? BTW—I love your patterns!

Linda Bachman on

Thanks for the mini and rainbow versions of the plaidish quilt. I’m thinking of doing and in an autumn theme.

Kim on

I subscribed and the email arrived in my inbox immediately, with the links to two versions of the mini plaidish quilt at the end of the newsletter. Very happy, thank you!

Debora Page on

And, my comment WAS NOT posted successfully either.

Debora Page on

I’ve subscribed two times now to get this pattern and still nothing. Whats going on, why is this so difficult?

Jackie Richardson on

Hi Erica,
I have signed up twice now using different emails but STILL no pattern link for the MINI Plaidish Quilt. This is very frustrating. Please tell me where the link is to the MINI quilt pattern.
Thank you,


STILL waiting for my pattern to come through. I have repeatedly signed up but nothing. I have received other patterns from this web site.

Janet on

Our local guild has a “plaid” challenge due in November, so several of us have decided to make your Mini Plaid-ish pattern! It will be fun to see how everyone chooses to make it. Thank you for offering your beautiful pattern for free! I really appreciate it!

Kaye Wright on

The pattern came through immediately. Looking forward to making the mini plaidish. Thank you!

Linda on

Hi – I also signed up for the free quilt pattern but have not received it yet. I have signed again to see if that works. I am keen to start cutting scraps. We are in the process of doing the floors up (sanding wood) and painting so all of my craft room is packed in boxes, so it will take me a while to get out the fabrics and scraps that I need to get ready. Thanks for the sewalong – it wii be fun…..

Ducky on

Finished my top already. I made the original but like this one better.

Lilly on

Signed up but never got the tutorial for the mini Plaid-ish 😖

Deb Scheibel on

I signed up for the newsletter and never received it. I emailed Erica and she thought she emailed a link to the pattern but it was not. I emailed Erica again and have not heard back. I am posting g this in the hopes that I will get her attention.

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