The Jonah Quilt — Queen and King Size Colors

The Jonah Quilt — Queen and King Size Colors

After I posted a list of colors for the twin size Jonah Quilt a couple of weeks ago, I had some requests for the queen and king size colors. How could I say no?

I originally designed this quilt and picked the colors with my son in mind (the quilt is named after him) but they are great for the grownups, too. The colors are warm and cozy and gender neutral. I think this would make a great wedding gift for a new couple or it would be perfect for your bed!

The Fabric C, D, and background sizes are the same for all quilt sizes, but I am going to list them for each one just so you have everything in one place. I will also add the fabric requirements at the bottom of the page.

The Jonah Quilt Pattern Queen Size Colors - Kitchen Table Quilting

Queen Size

A Fabrics

Northern Waters / Northern Waters

Golden Bronze / Golden Bronze

Eucalyptus / Eucalyptus

Aurus / Aurus

Spiced / Spiced

Balsam Fir / Balsam Fir

English Toffee / English Toffee

B Fabrics

Evergreen / Evergreen

Raw Gold / Raw Gold

Garden Fern / Garden Fern

Mediterraneo / Mediterraneo

Gingerbread / Gingerbread

Apple Cider / Apple Cider

Honeymoon / Honeymoon

Queen Bee / Queen Bee

Poppy / Poppy

Fabric C

Ash / Ash

Fabric D

Dried Moss / Dried Moss


White Linen / White Linen

The Jonah Quilt Pattern King Size Colors - Kitchen Table Quilting

King Size

A Fabrics

Northern Waters / Northern Waters

Golden Bronze / Golden Bronze

Eucalyptus / Eucalyptus

Aurus / Aurus

Spiced / Spiced

Balsam Fir / Balsam Fir

English Toffee / English Toffee

Turmeric / Turmeric

Sienna Brick / Sienna Brick

B Fabrics

Evergreen / Evergreen

Raw Gold / Raw Gold

Garden Fern / Garden Fern

Mediterraneo / Mediterraneo

Gingerbread / Gingerbread

Apple Cider / Apple Cider

Honeymoon / Honeymoon

Queen Bee / Queen Bee

Poppy / Poppy

Fabric C

Ash / Ash

Fabric D

Dried Moss / Dried Moss


White Linen / White Linen

I have linked each of the fabrics above at both Fat Quarter Shop and Pear Tree Market — these are the two places I primarily by my Pure Solids fabrics. The first link will take you to the FQS and the second to PTM. I know that sometimes these fabrics go out of stock, so this will give you options.

Tip: They are both great shops, but you will find PTM has slightly better pricing and they also ship super fast. FQS will sometimes have these fabrics on sale if they are the basic of the month. Both shops have free domestic shipping over a certain amount. 

You can find the Jonah Quilt Pattern available as both a PDF and paper pattern in my shop!

Jonah Fabric Requirements

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