The Jonah Quilt Pattern - The Mockups

The Jonah Quilt Pattern - The Mockups

Yay! It's time for quilt mockups. 

A Halloween Jonah Quilt - Kitchen Table QuiltingI asked for requests on Instagram to see which collections you wanted to see today and I think I got all of them. Sorry if I missed yours!

Cheer and Merriment by Fancy That Design House

The Jonah Quilt in Cheer and Merriment

Ghost Town by Dana Willard

The Jonah Quilt in Ghost Town

Holly Jolly by Urban Chiks

The Jonah Quilt in Holly Jolly

Local Honey by Heather Bailey

The Jonah Quilt in Local Honey

Fluent by Anna Maria Horner

The Jonah Quilt in Fluent

Nantucket Summer by Camille Roskelley

The Jonah Quilt in Nantucket Summer

Wildflowers by Alison Glass

The Jonah Quilt in Alison Glass

Nice Ice Baby by Deena Rutter

The Jonah Quilt in Nice Ice Baby

College Colors 

I used the University of Oregon colors since that is local to me, but this could work with any school colors. The colors are all Moda Bella: off white, marigold, emerald, evergreen, peppermint, sunshine, shamrock, sunflower, kelly, citrine, and leprechaun.

The Jonah Quilt in Ducks Colors

Jewel Tones

The colors are all Moda Bella: bleached white, concord, lagoon, pomegranate, turquoise, dahlia, garnet, mauve, sapphire, dark teal, eggplant, horizon blue, and nautical blue. 

The Jonah Quilt in Jewel Tones

I think my favorite is Cheer and Merriment. Two different people requested that one and I can see why — it's a great collection! Do you have a favorite?

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