The Helen Quilt Pattern Mockups

The Helen Quilt Pattern Mockups

I’ll admit that these mockups for the Helen Quilt Pattern are a bit heavy on the red, white, and blue. I realize that not everyone is in the US, but I had several requests for patriotic collections, the stars felt like a natural choice, and with the 4th of July approaching, it felt like the perfect timing.

Lots of Fabric Options for the Helen Quilt

Don’t worry, there are plenty of other options mixed in here, too, including several with colorful backgrounds. Here are some fabulous fabric collections to consider:

Picture Book by Kimberly Kight 

Several people asked if the pattern works with the new Ruby Star 10 Years of Magic Panel. Unfortunately those squares are too small, but the center of the small stars is perfect for the Picture Book Memory Card print.

The Helen Quilt in Picture Book 2

The Flower Fields by Maureen Cracknell

The Helen Quilt in The Flower Fields

Sweet Freedom by Beverly McCullough

The Helen Quilt in Sweet Freedom

Dog Park by Sarah Watts

The Helen Quilt in Dog Park

Patriotic Speckled by Rashida Coleman-Hale

Colors are Scarlet, Bluebell, and White Gold Metallic

The Helen Quilt in RWB

Clover and Dot by Allison Harris

The Helen Quilt in Clover and Dot

Curated in Color by Cathe Holden

The Helen Quilt in Curated in Color

Christmas in the Cabin by AGF Studio

The Helen Quilt in Christmas in the Cabin

Old Glory by Lella Boutique

The Helen Quilt in Old Glory

Evolve by Suzy Quilts

The Helen Quilt in Evolve

Smokey Bear by Riley Blake Design 

The Helen Quilt in Only You

Spooky ’n Sweeter by AGF Fabrics

The Helen Quilt in Spooky 'n Sweeter

Get Inspired and Start Quilting

I am so glad you all are excited about the Helen Quilt Pattern, and I cannot wait to see what you make! Head over to the shop to pick up your copy now and start creating your beautiful quilt.

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Pam M on

The stand-out one, much to my surprise, is Lella Boutique’s Old Glory. I don’t live in the USA and for the most part the patriotic quilts don’t appeal, plus I love colour (Picture Book is right up my flagpole), but this modern take on classic quilts – both the star pattern and the muted “faded and worn” looking fabrics – are a winning combination. P.S. Love all the mock-ups you do. Really inspirational. Thank you.

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