The Daphne Quilt Pattern Mockups

The Daphne Quilt Pattern Mockups

It's my favorite day of pattern release week: the Daphne Quilt Pattern mockups.

There were lots of requests for mockups on Instagram and I did my best to do as many as I could, but I didn't even get to half of them. Sorry that time was short this week!

Since time was limited, I focused on doing the most frequently requested collections, getting a mix of traditional and modern prints, and on using collections that are currently available since hopefully those will be useful.

The Flower Fields by Maureen Cracknell

The Daphne Quilt in the Flower Fields

Strawberry Lemonade by Sherri and Chelsi

The Daphne Quilt in Strawberry Lemonade

Rise and Shine by Melody Miller

The Daphne Quilt in Rise and Shine

Old Glory by Lella Boutique

The Daphne Quilt in Old Glory

True Blue by Maureen Cracknell

The Daphne Quilt in True Blue

Evolve by Suzy Quilts

The Daphne Quilt in Evolve

Willow by One Canoe Two

The Daphne Quilt in Willow


The Daphne Quilt in Water - Kitchen Table Quilting

Collection for a Cause: Etchings by Howard Marcus & 3 Sisters

The Daphne Quilt in Etchings

Starry by Alexia Abegg

The Daphne Quilt in Starry 2

Speckled by Rashida Coleman-Hale

The Daphne Quilt in Speckled

Sunprint 2024 by Alison Glass

The Daphne Quilt in Sunprint 2024

Duval by Suzy Quilts

The Daphne Quilt in Duval

I hope that gives you an idea of how versatile this pattern is — and that doesn't even include making scrappy versions! You can find the Daphne Quilt as a PDF or paper pattern in my shop.

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Erica on

You can make it using 10" squares, but it wouldn’t be a very efficient use of fabric.

Kathy Pfleghaar on

Can you make the Daphne using 10" squares?? Thanks

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