The Charlotte Quilt in Pure Solids

The Charlotte Quilt in Pure Solids

When I was thinking about potential fabric choices for the cover of the Charlotte Quilt, I decided I knew I wanted to go with solids. While the pattern is also great for prints (I have to samples to show you with prints!) I wanted the quilt on the cover to be a little more bold and solids felt like the right choice. 

The Charlotte Quilt in Pure Solids - Kitchen Table Quilting

I started digging through my Pure Elements solid and pulled out colors that felt a little cohesive but also a little scrappy. These are the colors I used in my quilt:

The Charlotte Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

Coconut Milk (background fabric)




Dried Roses


Miami Sunset

Terracotta Tile






Queen Bee

Raw Gold

Lemon Tart


Golden Bronze

Garden Fern

Dried Moss


Balsam Fir



Swimming Pool

Zambia Stone

Morning Frost


Northern Waters

Ocean Waves




Night Sea


Sweet Fig





Smooth Pebble

Vintage Walnut

English Toffee

Weathered Brick

Potters Clay


Desert Dunes

Apple Cider

Apricot Crepe

Yes, that is a lot of colors, but that works out to 1 jelly roll per color. You could definitely make the quilt with fewer colors and use fat quarters — just pick your favorites!

The Charlotte Quilt in Pure Solids - Kitchen Table Quilting

Getting the photo for the cover quilt was a bit of a fluke. We normally take quilt photos in the field by our house in the evenings, but we had been having so much rain that we hadn't had a chance. One morning the lighting was gorgeous, but the only one home was my 13 year old. We rushed out to the field and there was a layer of mist — it was so pretty! He is a little shorter than my normal quilt holder so he isn't quite clearing the ground.

The Charlotte Quilt in Pure Solids - Kitchen Table Quilting

The backing fabric is one of my favorite Maureen Cracknell prints. This isn't the first time I have used this print (I used it for binding here, for backing here) and I still just love it so much. We need more purple fabrics!

The Charlotte Quilt in Pure Solids - Kitchen Table Quilting

The quilting was done by my most favorite long arm quilters, Heidi of Piece and Joy Quilt Co. I wasn't sure what I wanted for the quilting and she suggested this really pretty leafy panto. It is so perfect! I love the organic quilting with the more structured quilt top.

The Charlotte Quilt in Pure Solids - Kitchen Table Quilting

I have a couple more samples to share with you this week and then one more that probably won't be ready until next week — I got a little carried away making samples for this one!

The Charlotte Quilt in Pure Solids - Kitchen Table Quilting

You can find the Charlotte Quilt Pattern in my shop now and I have linked to all of the Pure Elements solids up above.

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Vicki on

Hi Erica
I love the Charlotte quilt and am ready to sew my blocks together but I’m concerned about the size of the edge triangles. Against my better instincts, I have cut the blocks in half as directed to make the triangles but they seem too small. I’ve started unpicking the acute triangles to replace them with larger scraps which I will trim later but this all seems crazy! Any suggestions or advice?
Thank you.

Susan on

Thanks so much for posting the colors; this helps tremendously! As I sew with only AGF fabrics, I know their names, but you might want to clarify for others that this is the AGF Pure Solids line of colors.
Wonderful pattern! I have made so many of yours and all turned out terrifically. But I miss Grumpy Tom peeking over the quilt!

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