The Carly Quiltalong Week 6 - Finishing Your Quilt

The Carly Quiltalong Week 6 - Finishing Your Quilt

We have reached the final week of the quiltalong. If you aren't ready to finish up your quilt, just go at your own pace! This blog post will stay right here waiting for you.

The Carly Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting


I am a pretty strict pin baster (you can read more about why right here), but do whatever works for you. I have two quilt to finish this week (fingers crossed) and will try to document the process of finishing them up on my Instagram stories. 

Super quick basting video

Basting the Iris Quilt

These are the supplies I like to keep on hand for pin basting:


What kinds of quilting designs will work with this quilt? You guys know that I love to do a grid on my quilts, and that is what I will do this time around as well. Twice, I have done a regular grid (horizontal and vertical lines) and I have done a diagonal grid once.

The Carly Quilt - Kitchen Table QuiltingThe Carly Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

If you are taking your quilt to a long armer, I think there are a lot of designs that would be really fun. It would be interesting to do something with curved shapes - clamshells, Baptist fan, modern loops, or concentric circles. But really, I think the shapes in the quilt are simple enough that just about anything would work.

The Carly Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting


My preference is to do a wide binding (I like to cut mine 3") that uses a darker color to frame the quilt. For this pattern, it will cut the tips off of your HSTs that go around the edge of the quilt. I'm going to do it anyway because that doesn't bother me, but keep that in mind if you are bothered. 

The Carly Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

I have done lots of tutorials about improving your binding on Instagram and will link to them here:

Make sure to post a photo of your finished quilt on Instagram using the #carlyqal hashtag. I am going to try to post everyone's finished quilt in my stories, but if I miss yours, please send me a message and remind me! Sometimes Instagram makes it easy to miss posts.  

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