The Carly QAL - Trimming Half Square Triangles

The Carly QAL - Trimming Half Square Triangles

For the Carly QAL, you are going to be trimming a lot few half square triangles. There are so many different ways to trim HSTs and you should do whatever way works best for you. I have tried most of the methods over the years and have my personal preferences, but I will list some of the options here. 

The Carly Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

For the past several years, I have used option number one - just a square ruler with a diagonal line. A few months ago, I discovered that I could use my Stripology XL ruler to trim squares and found that I got significantly better results with this method. Since that ruler is quite large, I then bought a smaller QuiltCut ruler. But then I discovered that they make an even smaller ruler and I have ordered that one and it is supposed to be delivered today - I will report back on how that goes.

Ways to Trim Half Square Triangles - Kitchen Table Quilting

Listed below are several different rulers that use all kinds of different methods. If you are not happy with how your HSTs are turning out, I suggest looking into these to see if there is one that you prefer.

This week on Instagram, I shared a video of me trimming HSTs a couple of different ways. You can watch that here.

It may seem like a lot of HSTs to trim, but break it up into little stacks of blocks and trim just a few at a time. I am making 2 quilts so I have twice as many to trim as you do! I'm excited to see your quilts start to come together. Next week we will start piecing our blocks. 

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