Striped Chevrons Quilt Top (and tutorial)

Striped Chevrons Quilt Top (and tutorial)

If you would like to make a larger version of this quilt, or if you are looking for more detailed instructions that include fabric requirements, the pattern is now available in my shop.  

I had some jelly roll leftovers sitting around and I needed to work on a project to help maintain my sanity, so I thought I'd put together a quick baby quilt.  And while I was at it, I thought I'd share a (really) rough tutorial.

1.  Choose four strips that are 2.5"xWOF.  I alternated white solid with prints, but you could do whatever you want.  Piece them together along the long sides.
2.  Take half of these and set them aside.
3.  With the other half, line up the 60 degree mark on your ruler with one of the seams, and cut along the left side of the ruler.  
 4.  You could make the chevrons any width, I made mine 5 inches, so I lined up the cut edge with the 5 inch mark on my ruler and the 60 degree mark with one of the seams.  Cut along the right edge.
5.  You end up with one of these.  Keep cutting until you run out of fabric.
 6.  Grab the other half of blocks that you had set aside and cut them the opposite direction.
Piece your diamond shaped pieces into columns and then sew the columns together.  Trim along the top and bottom so that you have a straight edge (I didn't completely trim mine since I am going to trim again after I quilt it).
This was surprisingly quick and is jelly roll friendly.  And it definitely helped my sanity.

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Toccara on

Any tips on making sure the strips line up properly as they are sewn together to ensure that the diagonal lines match up

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