Scrappy X Quilt

Scrappy X Quilt

If you have been reading my blog for the last couple months you might remember that I am on a quest to lighten my scrap bin this year and am going to be making quilts for my Mom (that one is done) and 3 of my sisters.  Despite using a zillion scraps in my Mom's quilt I still have lots and lots and lots.

The inspiration for this quilt came from Lu Summer's book Scrap Improv.  I know I have mentioned my love for this book several times, but it is really a beautiful book.  Improv-iness doesn't come naturally to me and this really made me excited about trying out some new things.
Scrappy X Quilt
When I started working on this quilt I knew it was going to be for my youngest sister Kelly.  A different sister, Carly, is currently visiting me and was kind enough to hold up the quilt for me.  If I had known that Carly would be spending her Spring Break with me I would have made her quilt first.  Oops.

The background fabric came from yardage in my stash and is gray Robert Kaufman chambray.  The rest of the fabric came from scraps.  I quilted with an allover concentric swirl pattern.  This is one of my favorite quilting designs but it is definitely one that does not come naturally to me and I have been working hard to improve my swirls.  Things went pretty well on this one but I still have plenty of room for improvement.
Scrappy X Quilting
And the binding is one of Juliana Horner's prints from Joann's.  I actually chose this fabric first before I knew what I was going to make and worked backwards.  I love the print and I think it makes a fun binding.  I like it so much that I thought it deserved its very own closeup photo.
Scrappy X binding
The backing is Ann Kelle's Remix Flannel.
Scrappy X Quilt black

This quilt did put a nice little dent in the scrap bin, but they seem to be multiplying.  Good thing I have 2 more sisters who want quilts :)
Finished size: 60"x72"
Backing: Remix Flannel

Scrappy X Lap Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting Scrappy X Lap Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

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