The Best Quilty Gifts for Babies and Kids

Quilty Gifts for Babies and Kids

Whenever I gift a friend or family member a baby quilt, I always like to include a little something with it. Usually this is a book or small toy that I can place with a bundled up quilt.

Of course a handmade quilt is the ultimate gift and it certainly doesn't need anything to go with it, but I have way too few babies born in my life these days and I like to spoil them a bit.

Five Quilty Gifts for Babies and Kids

Recently the nice people at Blue Star Press sent me Wendy Chow's new baby book. It is called First Words with Cute Quilted Friends, and it is just the perfect item to gift with a quilt. I'm going to be giving this to my new nephew (he's just a month old!) next time I see him. 

In addition to sharing a little about the new First Words book, I thought I'd do a round up of toys and books I have previously gifted to new babies in addition to a quilt. 

First Words with Cute Quilted Friends

The Best Quilty Gifts for Babies and Kids

This is Wendy Chow's latest book (she also wrote Urban Quilting and The Quilted Home Handbook which are both gorgeous). It is a very well made, soft board book with images of lots of basic words (lion, horse, turtle, etc.) but they have a little twist: they are little quilts! 

The Best Quilty Gifts for Babies and Kids

Each image is a paper pieced quilt block that is quilted with a grid. They are gorgeous. 

The Quiltmaker's Gift

The Best Quilty Gifts for Babies and Kids

This is a book that I was gifted by a friend early in my quilting journey, and I have gifted it to a couple of friends with new babies. It is a beautiful story and the illustrations have lots of beautiful colors. 

The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt

The Best Quilty Gifts for Babies and Kids

This is such a cute story about realizing that it is ok to be different. I love that the quilt ends up representing comfort. It is an excellent addition to any quilter's library.

Patchwork Quilt Puzzle

The Best Quilty Gifts for Babies and Kids

This is geared toward kids that are a little older, but this patchwork puzzle is such a fun way creative exercise and is a great way to get kids interested in quilting. It's pretty fun for grownups, too.

Soft Doll

The Best Quilty Gifts for Babies and Kids

I love seeing dolls that other people have handmade, but I do not have that talent! Instead, I love these soft baby dolls. Is there anything cuter than a little baby snuggling a baby doll with a handmade quilt? 

These are my go-to items and I am always looking to add more to my list. If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments!

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Joan on

Excellent suggestion. When I gift a quilt for a wedding I include a shower curtain – so the quilt can be used for picnics, the shower curtain protecting the quilt and the people who sit on it from any dew and animal leavings or even just grass stains.

Linda on

I have been grading papers from my college students that are reviews of toys for children. Oh, I wish that they had your items on their lists. Your choices are interestingly off the beaten track yet age appropriate for infants or young toddlers. They stimulate children’s thinking and give the child an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of words, textures and a chance to create. You get a perfect 50 of 50.

Anne von Trapp on

I just bought 2 of “The Ghost who Was a Quilt” books for two of my kids, kids. Plus I’m making the quilts to go with. Halloween is a fun time in our family and dress up is even more fun. The kiddos have the books and LOVE it. They’ll be more surprised when I present them with the cute blue patchwork quilt and the bonus orange ice cream blob. 😊

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