Quilt Ideas - Starry

Quilt Ideas - Starry

You might have noticed (since I have used it several times in mockups of the past few months and once in an actual quilt) that I am a huge fan of Starry by Alexia Abegg for Ruby Star Society

The Zoe Quilt in Starry - Kitchen Table Quilting

I love it so much that I thought it deserved its own Quilt Ideas post. I am going to repost some of the older mockups for you here, but I also have a few new ones so this post is going to be extra long.

The Hazel Quilt

The Hazel Quilt in Starry

The Zola Quilt

The Zola Quilt in Starry

The Sylvie Quilt

The Sylvie Quilt in Starry

The Hannah Quilt (this pattern will be available next week!)

The Hannah Quilt in Starry

The Diana Quilt

The Diana Quilt Pattern in Starry - Kitchen Table Quilting

The Carly Quilt

The Carly Quilt in Starry

The Beatrice Quilt

The Beatrice Quilt in Starry

And here is the Zoe Quilt which I made in Starry a while back. These fabrics are a great basic, but also work really well on their own for a project. I hope these continue to be available long term because I can see myself using them in lots of projects.

The Zoe Quilt in Starry - Kitchen Table Quilting

Out of all of these options, I think I would like to make the Hazel Quilt the most. It is one of my favorite patterns and I love it in those warm, Starry prints!

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