Quilt Ideas - Pickle Juice

Quilt Ideas - Pickle Juice

I am always interested in fabric collections with unique color combinations and Pickle Juice by Dana Willard definitely falls into this category. It uses some of my favorite colors (aqua, teal, and orange) but also mixes in some red, which I usually don't love but actually really like in this collection.

The collection also has a print that works really well as a background fabric (which is something I always appreciate). Figo Fabrics actually mocked up the collection in my Diana Quilt Pattern on their website and I thought it was gorgeous so I thought I would add my own series of mockups.

I am trying something new with this series of mockups — for each one, I have a PDF that lists the fabrics used in each quilt, how much you need, and which fabric they correspond to in the pattern. Hopefully this will be useful to you if you want to make a quilt just like one of these images and useful to shops if they want to make a quilt kit. Let me know what you think!

The Violet Quilt

download fabric guide

The Violet Quilt in Pickle Juice

The Abigail Quilt

download fabric guide

The Abigail Quilt in PIckle Juice

The Eliza Quilt

download fabric guide

The Eliza Quilt in Pickle Juice

The Kara Quilt

download fabric guide

The Kara Quilt in Pickle Juice

The Zoe Quilt

download fabric guide

The Zoe Quilt in Pickle Juice

The Jonah Quilt

download fabric guide

The Jonah Quilt in Pickle Juice

I don't think I have a favorite from this bunch but if you twisted my arm and told me that I could only make one, I think I would pick Abigail. Do you have a favorite?

All of these patterns are available at kitchentablequilting.com and Pickle Juice can be found in shops now.  

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Peggy on

Thanks for all your “useful info”, it’s really useful. I still don’t see quilts with different fabrics like a pattern maker!😊🦋

Tabitha on

I think the Eliza and Jonah are really brought to life with Pickle Juice! Just wow! The Violet is stunning too but I think my favorite of the bunch is the Jonah :)

Shaena Green on

I’m sure this takes a lot of time and effort, but thank you for doing this. It helps so much. I am very visual and have a hard time seeing how fabrics will look in my head. :)

Nilene Thompson-Finn on

I love them all, but I have been wanting to make Violet for awhile and Pickle Juice is perfect for it! Just bought the pattern and a FQ bundle. Excited to begin it. Thanks for the awesome content!!! 😍

Lorraine on

My eye is drawn to the Kara quilt….and what a great idea to do mockups for multiple patterns. To be honest …I thought I would be reading about a new recipe …had no idea pickle juice was a fabric collection! 😂🤷😂🙄

SueR on

Yup, I’d have to agree that Abigail is my favorite, but Violet runs a close second. Thank you for the different mockups—they’re fabulous!

Dana on

So fun Erica! The fabrics look great in your quilt patterns! Really love that Abigail Quilt. Thank you for using Pickle Juice and the fabric love 😊❤️

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