Postage Stamp Scrap Quilt

Postage Stamp Scrap Quilt

I spent the last few days finishing up my postage stamp quilt.  This has been on my quilting bucket list for a while and I can definitely see myself making another.  It took some time to piece all of the little squares (they are 2" finished), but I did them a little here and there and now and it felt like it went pretty fast.  
scrappy postage stamp quilt
I decided to make this quilt after buying Sunday Morning quilts.  Eventually I would like to make most of the quilts in the book and I didn't really need the book to make this one since it is pretty simple, but just seeing the quilt in the book inspired me to make it now.

My plan was alternate to darker and lighter value squares, but more importantly I just wanted to use up the scraps that I had so this was more successful in some areas than others.

My kids really like that they can find pieces of their quilts in this one and I think it will get a lot of use.  The backing is Folksy Flannel which is AMAZING.  Everything should be printed on that flannel.
postage stamp quilt back
The quilt is twin sized and if we lived somewhere colder it would make a great winter quilt for my daughter's bed.  Maybe someday.

The binding is one of my favorite prints of all time, sundials in amethyst from Field Study, with a little strip of another Field Study print since I didn't quite have enough.  
scrappy postage stamp quilt

Finished size: 74"x88"

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