New Pattern — The Melody Quilt

New Pattern — The Melody Quilt

If you are looking for a last minute Christmas present for yourself (or someone else), I have a really fun new pattern for you: this is the Melody Quilt Pattern. This is my FINAL pattern of 2022. 

The Melody Quilt Pattern — Kitchen Table Quilting


Like most of my other patterns, this one is named after someone special in my life. Someone extra special — this pattern is named after my mom. Why did I wait so long to name a pattern after my mom? I don't know, sorry mom! 



My mom is the BEST. I will spare you the details, but she pulled us out of a not-so-great situation when I was a teenager and went on to get certified to teach special ed and then got a masters' degree. She now teaches high school and spends an absolute ton of time volunteering with inmates in a prison. She's pretty amazing.

The Melody Quilt Pattern — Kitchen Table Quilting


And so is this pattern! Here are a few things you are going to love about the Melody Quilt:


  • It is fat eighth or fat quarter or 1/2 yard friendly (depending on the quilt size).
  • This pattern is great for newer quilters. It has enough half square triangles to give you some practice but not enough to burn you out.
  • The pattern has a ton of movement so it works really well with random stash pulls or just about any collection.
  • This is also a great pattern for scraps! I made a scrap version that I will be sharing soon.
  • There are instructions for lots of sizes: baby, lap, twin, queen, AND king.
  • Plus it's named after my really great mom. 
I have lots more to share with you this week (including a list of colors that I used in my quilt — stay tuned for that tomorrow). Plus I will have mockups for you later this week; I asked for fabric collection suggestions for the mockups on instagram and they are a ton of fun.
The Melody Quilt Pattern — Kitchen Table Quilting
You can find the PDF or paper versions of the pattern in my shop!



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