New Pattern - Meet the Bonnie Quilt

New Pattern - Meet the Bonnie Quilt

Say "hi" to the Bonnie Quilt Pattern! The idea for this pattern has been bouncing around in my head for the past year or so and has gone through a few different iterations to get to this final version that I just love so much.

The Bonnie Quilt Pattern Cover - Kitchen Table Quilting

Here are some things you are going to love about this pattern:

  • The pattern has instructions for baby size all the way up to king size.
  • This is a modern twist on a log cabin block and it is a quick one to put together. You will be surprised how fast!
  • The pattern is jelly roll, fat quarter, fat eighth, or scrap friendly. Making a rainbow scrap version of this pattern is very high on my want-to-make list!
  • While solids work beautifully in the pattern, it is also lots of fun for prints. I think this pattern also works particularly well with a colorful background fabric.
The Bonnie Quilt in Pure Solids - Kitchen Table Quilting

I have 4 samples to share with you but you are going to have to wait until next week to see the last one (you will see why soon!). If you have any mockups you would like to see in this pattern, let me know in the comments!

Both the PDF and paper versions of the Bonnie Quilt Pattern are on sale for the rest of the week so head over to pick up your copy!

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