My Favorite Batting

My Favorite Batting

When I first started quilting, I envisioned using super fluffy, high loft batting in my quilts. But then I started doing research and everyone was using super thin cotton batting so that's what I started out using.

Since then I have tried just about everything: from super cheap cotton batting (do not recommend!) to wool to bamboo to poly blends to even using 2 layers of cotton batting. There are lots of options that I like just fine, but I'm going to share my favorite battings. 

The Libby Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

My Favorite Everyday Batting: Quilter's Dream Cotton Select

Quilter's Dream makes great battings and my favorite is the cotton batting that is the select option. This isn't the thinnest or the thickest cotton batting that they offer, but it is just right. Substantial feeling without being bulky, it shows your quilting nicely and creates a warm quilt that will work in just about any climate.

Budget option: Happy Cloud Simply Natural Cotton

My Favorite Batting for Samples: Quilter's Dream Green

Rainbow Modern Postage Stamp Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

This batting is a light green color and it is made out of recycled bottles. It may sound strange, but the batting is actually very drapey and high quality. I use it for most of my quilt samples because the batting doesn't wrinkle as much as cotton batting so you don't get as many creases in your quilt. Some of my quilts are made to hang in quilt shops and this comes in handy!

This is also a great option if you don't want your quilt to be as crinkly after washing. 

Budget option: Happy Cloud Bamboo Blend

My Favorite Batting for Fluff: Quilter's Dream Wool

Have you ever used wool batting? I think it gets a bad reputation because some brands can have issues with bearding (that is where the batting fibers go through the fabric and are visible on the quilt top and backing) but I haven't had this issue with Quilter's Dream. Wool batting is cozy and warm and has a higher loft than cotton.

Budget option: The only wool option that I have used successfully is Quilter's Dream so I don't have a budget recommendation.

The Ruth Quilt (Muted Version) - Kitchen Table Quilting

While these are my favorites, brands like Warm and Natural and Pellon also make good, quality battings. There isn't a "right" loft to use in your quilt — use what you like best. 

Do you have a favorite batting?



Although these links are affiliate links, this post is not sponsored and the opinions in this post come from years of quilting and trying different brands and reflect my honest opinion. 

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Kate M on

I use Quilters Dream Request when I want a truly low loft batting that is super easy to hand quilt. I use their wool batting when I want a puffierquilt. It is the easiest to hand quilt of All I have used. The needle just glides through it with no drag at all, and it long arm quilts beautifully and it doesn’t get fold lines in it at all. I used the green batting made from used water bottles once for a quilt I donated to a person living in a homeless shelter who couldn’t be fussy about washing it. It does wash beautifully and allows the fabric to “crinkle” a bit so it looks nice and handmade, but it is a bit stiffer than I like, although no more than any other polyester batting. I had it long armed but I could tell it would also be very easy to quilt on a home machine. I like Quilters Dream bamboo blend because it is super soft and drapey. I also use Pellon 70/30 batting that you can buy at JoAnns by the yard for small quilts that I make by sewing the fabric straight on the batting in a stitch and flip method. This is a lot of fun for a fast small quilt that will get a lot of washing and it lasts forever.

Catherine Drews on

I’m a fan of Quilter’s Dream products. My favorite batting is Bamboo, which is a blend of bamboo, silk, tercel and cotton. Lovely drape, not too bulky, and shows quilting nicely. I use this often for baby quilts. Also, it washes well.

Susan R. on

I am very happy you posted this because I’ve been confused about batting – there are sooo many different types and I appreciate your info – thank you! It’s very helpful.

Susan on

I have been longarm quilting for 20 years and my favorite is Hobbs 80/20. It has a nice loft and shows the quilting better than Warm and Natural. I also love the Hobbs wool batting. I like to use that on bed quilts. For baby quilts the Dream Angel by Quilters Dream is great because it is fire retardant.

Patti on

My longarmer uses Quilters Dream, and I keep a roll of Warm and White at home for smaller projects, but I am eager to try the Quilters Dream Green! Recycled plastic bottles? For the win! And my husband says all my quilts are contributing to global warming… Ha ha ha, now I have a rebuttal.

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