How to Be More Productive When Quilting (Or Not)

How to Be More Productive When Quilting (Or Not)

Quilting can be both a relaxing hobby and a creative outlet, but sometimes it’s easy to get bogged down in unfinished projects or feel like you’re not making progress. Here are five tips to help you be more productive and enjoy your quilting journey even more.

How to Be More Productive When Quilting (Or Not)

The key to staying motivated and productive in quilting is to work on projects that you truly love. If a pattern or fabric doesn’t excite you, it’s likely to become a chore rather than a joy. Focus on designs, colors, and styles that inspire you. When you’re passionate about what you’re creating, you’ll find it easier to stay committed and finish your quilting projects.

How to Be More Productive When Quilting (Or Not)

Challenge yourself to learn a new quilting technique or use a different material with each project. This not only keeps things interesting but also helps you grow as a quilter. Whether it’s experimenting with new fabrics, trying a complex pattern, or incorporating modern design elements, pushing your boundaries can lead to exciting discoveries and a greater sense of accomplishment in your quilting journey.

How to Be More Productive When Quilting (Or Not)

Your mood can significantly impact your productivity when quilting. Pay attention to how you’re feeling before you start quilting. If you’re stressed or tired, it might be better to take a break or work on something less demanding. On the other hand, if you’re feeling energetic and creative, dive into those more challenging quilting projects. Being mindful of your emotional state can help you avoid frustration and make the most of your quilting time.

How to Be More Productive When Quilting (Or Not)

Joining a quilting community, whether online or in-person, can provide tremendous support and inspiration. Sharing your quilting projects, getting feedback, and learning from others can boost your motivation and productivity. Surround yourself with fellow quilters who share your passion, and you’ll find that their enthusiasm is contagious. Plus, it’s always more fun to share your successes and troubleshoot your challenges with friends who understand your craft.

How to Be More Productive When Quilting (Or Not)

This might sound counterintuitive, but sometimes the best way to be more productive is to stop trying so hard to be productive. Quilting should be enjoyable, not a race. Give yourself permission to take breaks, work at your own pace, and even set aside projects that aren’t bringing you joy. Productivity isn’t just about the quantity of work you produce; it’s also about the quality of your experience. Embrace the quilting process and remember why you fell in love with quilting in the first place.

By incorporating these tips into your quilting routine, you’ll find that productivity comes naturally as you enjoy quilting more fully. Happy quilting!

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Cheryl Getz on

Awesome message. I needed this at this time.

Rose on

Wow! What a great article! Full of wonderful advice. Thanks!

Darla on

Totally Agree! Your opening paragraph. That’s me! I have so many unfinished projects I am overwhelmed. For the last 2 years I have "trying " to finish those projects. I quilt my own tops(not my favorite part) but I am getting through them slowly.

Karen on

This is a great article! These are things that I have been doing for years now.
Happy Stitching!

Maureen on

Wonderful advice and exactly what I needed at this moment. Thanks!

Sheela on

Yes, mood does play a huge amount in my life. There are days I don’t sew at all because I don’t feel up to it. So , I don’t touch them . So , I work on other projects like making up new designs either new blocks or quilts on the computer. I have loads of them. Just need to find the time slowly to test them all out then slowly publish them. Will get there one day when I am old and grey not that I am already 😉😂

Jean on

So true. Knowing that any quilter doesn’t have to keep up with other quilters, and quilting at your own pace is perfectly fine, can remove a lot of stress. Also, keeping the area free from other distractions can make a big difference for me.

Linda on

You hit the nail on the head with this post!! It’s supposed to be fun (and even when it’s not, I just consider it a learning moment!). Thank you!!!

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