Go Cougars! BYU Pixel Quilt (with tutorial)

Go Cougars! BYU Pixel Quilt (with tutorial)

I spent the weekend finishing this one up and delivered it to my friend yesterday evening.  They are big BYU fans and seemed really excited about the quilt, which is always a satisfying feeling.  I am also a BYU alum (class of 2006, BS in biology) so I may have to shrink the blocks down a little and make myself a wall hanging version at some point.
BYU Pixel Quilt
I kept the binding and quilting really simple and used this fun Summersville print for the backing.  Originally I rummaged through my stash to try to find a blue print for the back, but when I didn't find one I realized that I liked this print for the backing even better.
BYU Pixel quilt backing
A few people commented that they were interested in making their own version so I thought I'd give a very quick, simple, pictureless tutorial. For the layout I found this cross stitch pattern.  I got the idea from Svetlana's gorgeous Pinkie Pie quilt and a quick Google search saved me the trouble of figuring it out myself.

There are 39 different fabrics used in the quilt top and I think that the variety helps the quilt be a little more fun.
Fabric requirements:
1 2/3 yard various blue prints and solids (the more variety the better)
1 1/4 yard various low volume fabric
3/8 yard for binding
1 3/4 yard of 44" wide fabric for backing

1. Cut (24) 2.5" strips of various blue fabrics.  Subcut into (372) 2.5" squares.
2. Cut (15) 2.5" strips of low volume fabrics.  Subcut into (237) 2.5" squares.
3. Arrange the low volume squares like light blue squares in the cross stitch pattern and then surround with the blue squares.  The quilt will be 21 squares x 29 squares.
4. Sew together the rows and then the columns.
5.  Baste, quilt, and bind as desired. 

The finished size is 42" x 58"

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