Farmer's Wife Blocks 26-30

Farmer's Wife Blocks 26-30

I spent yesterday playing catch-up with my Farmer's Wife blocks.  In the book the diagrams are colored and there is a picture of a sample block and I have noticed that I have a tendency to make my blocks the same color as the sample without even thinking about it.

That happened with the block in the bottom left this time around and the block doesn't really fit in with the others so hopefully it will blend in once all the blocks are finished.
Farmer's Wife Blocks 26-30
Everything was made from scraps except the bunnies.

Working with the templates has gotten easier and less annoying since I have gotten better at cutting efficiently and cutting multiple shapes at a time.  This was definitely the quickest I have put a set together, even with all of those teeny tiny little triangles in the middle block.

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