Fabric Deals - May 6, 2023

Fabric Deals - May 6, 2023

For the month of May, all Bella Solids at Fat Quarter Shop are on sale. This is a GREAT time to stock up on basics. Usually, I buy 2-3 yard cuts when I stock up on background fabric since I like to use different shades of white depending on the fabric collection (I know, I'm living life on the wild side). If you prefer to use the same shade for most of your projects, you could buy a bigger cut.

Here are some of my favorite background fabric shades of Bella:

Off White

White Bleached




I'm going to try to focus on yardage cuts this week. When I am buying yardage, I usually buy 1/4 or 1/2 yard cuts of fabrics that I think I will use once or twice and 2 yards of fabrics that I think I will use in multiple projects. These multiple-project purchases are either basic prints (like Speckled or Add it Up) or they are prints that are a color that is difficult to find (purple!). 

When I purchase yardage, it is usually solids or prints that have a very limited range of colors (usually just one). For more colorful prints, I usually buy precuts. 

I also keep a decent stash of backing fabrics and will stock up if I find yardage for a good price. Since I mostly make lap quilts, I try to buy 4 yard cuts for backings.

Speckled in Wool $8.18/yd

Lola Dutch Chalk Drawing Jade $5.96/yd

Lola Dutch Chalk Drawing Cyan $5.96/yd

Five & Ten Small Floral Red $6.96/yd

Speckled (several colors) $9.60/yd

Sincerely Yours Prints $9.60/yd

Ruby Star Jolly Basics Prints $9.60/yd

Moda Grunge (lots of colors) $9.88/yd

Wanderlust Florida Metallic from Purl $6.99/yd

Meander Mini Charm Pack $2.25

Fleet and Flourish Violet (this is one of my all-time favorite purple fabrics!) $8.40/yd

Dew & Moss Dark Green Print $8.40/yd

Lilliput Twinkle Twinkle Evergreen $8.40/yd

Soften the Volume Moment of Zen $8.40/yd

Dew & Moss Starry Orange $8.40/yd

Wild Forgotten Wren (this was the backing for my Phoebe Quilt) $8.40/yd

Cozy and Magical Simple Defoliage Icicle $8.40/yd

I hope you find something fun here! I try to put together a list of fabrics that are well-priced but are also things that I would love to have in my fabric stash. Buying fabric can be intimidating and expensive, but it can also be lots of fun.

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Marsha Eibert on

Thanks for doing all the legwork for us so that we can take advantage of some great deals!

Sonia Bowers on

Which brand of sewing machine do you use?

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