Constellations Quilt

Constellations Quilt

A couple months ago my husband saw a photo of Constellations by Lizzy House on my Instagram feed and requested a quilt made with the collection.  If you have been reading my blog for a while you might remember that I already made my husband a quilt, but he rarely uses it because he thinks that it's too small.

This time I wanted to make sure the quilt was big enough.  The finished size is about 80" square.  It is so big that we had a hard time getting a photo.
constellations quilt
Luckily my husband was willing to go with me to take a photo of it in front of his office building (I can't imagine why he would think that was embarrassing, ha ha).  I thought this would be appropriate because the street he works on is called Avenue of the Stars.  The cross street just down the block is actually called Constellation.  
constellations quilt with backing
The quilt is backed with the black constellation print and bound in black Kona solid.  It seemed like the manliest option.
constellations quilt
I have been wanting to try spiral quilting and this seemed kind of outer-space like; I used Angela's book as guide and it went much more smoothly that I expected.  Far from perfect, but good enough for me.
constellations quilt hand quilting
I also added some hand quilting in the stars.

Constellations is definitely my favorite collection from Lizzy House, it is wonderful.  And getting hard to find in its entirety.  I found it here and here.

After a few requests I have added a tutorial for this quilt.

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