Big Stitch Binding - Supplies Recommendations

Big Stitch Binding - Supplies Recommendations

Since I originally made the Big Stitch Binding tutorial several years ago, I have tried lots of different combinations of needles and thread to figure out what works best for me. I will be updating the tutorial soon (with videos about how I start my stitches, how I keep stitches straight, how I go around corners, etc.) but I wanted to update you about my favorite supplies. 

Big Stitch Binding Supplies - Kitchen Table Quilting


My favorite - DMC Size 8 Perle Cotton

I have tried several different brands of perle cotton, embroidery floss, and heavier weight thread, but DMC has consistently held up the best and has been the least likely to shred or tangle while quilting.

Runner up - Wonderfil Size 8 Perle Cotton

Wonderfil has some really fun, bright colors of perle cotton and I have enjoyed working with it. I do feel like the thread is slightly more prone to shredding and tangling while thread. When I use this thread, I work with shorter pieces of thread to help prevent this from happening. 

Big Stitch Binding


My Favorite - Clover Sashico Needles (Long Type)

A few months ago, I started trying out new needles to see if I could find one that had a large enough eye for perle cotton, that still had a little flexibility to it, and that was a little longer. These sachico (sashiko?) needles fit the bill. 

Runner Up - DMC Size 5 Embroidery Needles

These needles are still great and I will still use them occasionally. They are easy to thread with perle cotton and they have some flexibility which makes them work well for loading multiple stitches onto the needle. I just don't like them QUITE as much as the sashiko needles. 


My New Favorite - Clover Natural Fit Leather Thimble

Recently, Cathy from the Catbird Quilts posted about this thimble. I was doubtful since I have never found a thimble that I liked as much as my metal thimble, but I gave it a try. I LOVE this thimble. It is so easy and comfortable to use. 

My Old Favorite - Clover Metal Open-Sided Thimble

I do really like this thimble and am definitely holding onto it as a backup. My main complaint about this thimble is that it took so much time to adjust it to my thumb that I was terrified to lose it and have to go through the process again. 

Thread Snips

There are tons of great options out there and they are all pretty similar so I don't have one that I recommend, but definitely get some that you think are pretty (like this one) because it makes sewing more fun. 

Clips - Clover Wonder Clips

I bought a multipack of these more than a decade again and I still love them. Occasionally one will break, but they have had a LOT of use so I think that they have held up remarkable well. 

That is all of the supplies you need to get started! Big stitch binding is a wonderful way to finish off a quilt with something a little bit special and it has become my favorite part of the entire quilting process. 

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Kim Domingue on

I could never quite get the hang of using a metal or rigid thimble. I found a leather thimble many years ago and have been using them ever since.

Deb Fox-mchugh on

Yes I’d like to know about the thimble too;)

Pam on

The link to the new thimble you love goes to the DMC needles. I’m curious what the thimble is💗

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