A Quilt for my Mom

A Quilt for my Mom

I need to make some scrap quilts this year and my sisters have each put dibs on one.  But before I get that started, I wanted to make a warm and snuggly quilt for my Mom.  One of the first quilts that I ever made was for my Mom but since the quilts I have made for my sisters are a little more fun that the one that I made for her (see here, here, and here) I thought she needed a new one first.

A while back I pinned this quilt on Flickr (Lindsey actually just posted a tutorial on how to make it) and when I was looking for a scrap quilt idea, I knew this was the one.  I wasn't sure how she put hers together at the time, but I made mine pretty much the same way except I used a 16" square in square shape and then made my half square triangles like this. I also arranged mine in zig zags instead of diamonds.
crazy zig zag scrap quilt
My sisters all requested non-bright, non-pink quilts so I knew that this quilt needed to use a bunch of my bright scraps (hope that was okay Mom!).  The minky made the quilt too heavy to pin up and my helper has been working a zillion hours a week lately so I had to settle for hanging the quilt over the top of the railing.
crazy zig zag scrap quilt
Recently my Mom has lost a lot of weight and she told me that she is always cold so I wanted to use a warm backing.  I went with purple minky dimple dot.
minky backing
I even used some precious Martha Negley feathers for the binding.  I sewed the binding down with my machine for this quilt since this was for my mother and I figured I could use hers as a guinea pig.  While it was faster than hand sewing the binding, it was also more stressful and all around more awful.  The end product was okay, but I did have to go back and fix a few spots and I think I will be sticking with hand sewing the binding in the future.
crazy zig zag scrap quilt binding and backing
I mailed it on Friday and it should be waiting for her today when she gets home from work.  Surprise Mom!

Finished size: 56" x 70"

update: Since I have had a couple questions about working with minky backing, here are some thoughts/tips in a previous post.  

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