A roundup of helpful quilting tips and tutorials that were shared in the past year at Kitchen Table Quilting.

7 Tutorials of 2023

This year I added a few new tutorial topics to the blog and updated an old favorite. Here is a roundup of the tutorials I shared this year.

The Mini Plaid-ish Quilt

The Mini Plaid-ish Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

Big Stitch Binding Tutorial

(Updated with videos and new supplies list)

The Bonnie Quilt in Maven - Kitchen Table Quilting

Backing a Quilt with Minky

A Scrappy Melody Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

Using Extra Wideback Fabric as Background Fabric

The Orla Quilt in Collection CF — Kitchen Table Quilting

The Rainbow Mini Plaid-ish Quilt

Rainbow Mini Plaid-ish Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

Regaining Your Quiltspiration

The Sylvie Quilt in Speckled - Kitchen Table Quilting

Trimming Your Quilt

The Phoebe Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

If you aren't already following along on Instagram, many of the tips and tutorials I shared are through videos on that platform. I try to share here as well, but not everything makes it onto the blog so don't miss out! 

Are there any tutorials that you want to see in 2024?


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Marianne on

@Linda, I use a walking footing and set my machine to sew slower than usual. I also draw a line using erasable pen rather than tape, I feel the tape has me going crooked as I don’t want to sew on it. Hope that helps!

Linda Moore on

Hi Erica. Do you have a tutorial or detailed instructions on how to sew your cross hatching quilting style? I also like using this quilting technique but I cannot sew a straight line to save my soul! (I started sewing my own clothes etc when I was 12 years old!). I’ve been using blue painters tape as a guideline but still get really wonky lines yikes! I would really appreciate your advise as I’ve been making one quilt after another (a lot of your patterns too). Thank you and have a most wonderful New Year full of your awesome patterns!
Linda Moore from California

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