Working with Solid Fabrics

Working with Solid Fabrics

I love prints. There are so many gorgeous fabric combinations, patterns, and styles out there in the world of fabric and I love working with them. But there is also something really special about working with solids. 

A Rainbow Carly Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

Here are some of the reasons why I have been working with solids more often lately and why I recommend them to other quilters (especially beginners) who are looking to build their stash and curate their own fabric combinations for projects. The Beatrice Quilt in Tula Pink Solids - Kitchen Table Quilting

  • When you are working with solids, you simplify the variables in your quilt. You don't have to worry about scale (large scale prints, small scale prints, etc.) or whether a print is distracting.
  • You can get exactly the color you want without having worry about whether you like the print. There are tons of prints out there, but they aren't available in every shade (I'm looking at you purple!). I might love a print, but not love the color. Or I might be looking for a very specific color and not love the print.
  • Between all of the different fabric companies out there, you can find just about any shade of any color imaginable.
  • Solids are usually available long-term so you don't worry about a fabric disappearing from shelves if you need more in the future. Sometimes a fabric company will discontinue a certain color, but this is pretty rare.
  • Solids are great stash builders. 
  • Solids make great binding fabrics. While sometimes I like a pattern or a strip for binding, my go-to is always a solid.
The Jonah Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

Recently I have noticed that I am reaching for solids more often when I make a quilt sample and I have re-fallen in love with them.

How do you feel about solids?

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Vanessa on

Yep, solids for me too. I like the simplicity, so the geometry of the patchwork shows without distraction.

Bobee McCaughey on

I like the idea of solids and find quilts using solids very attractive, BUT I can’t seem to do without at least some texture with the color for my own use. I have actually done some wood block printing of solids just to give some character.after the blocks are complete…I guess it’s personal but I don’t find working with solids a solution.

PatS on

I actually do like solids a lot, but I got burned last year. The problem? Different dye lots!!! I used a dark background for a summer sampler quilt. I “thought” I had tons of the fabric but I fell short – a lot – when it came time to finish. Well, I knew what it was, so I just ordered more. Totally different. Totally not acceptable. I’m still trying to figure out what to do. I still like solids, even though I did lose the fabric chicken game.

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