Wildside Pickle Dish Finished Quilt

Wildside Pickle Dish Finished Quilt

Do you have a quilting bucket list? I do, but it's getting really short.
Wild Side Pickledish Quilt
I have basically had the same few quilts on my list since I very first started quilting and I have been slowly checking them off.
1. Single Girl
3. Pickle Dish
4. Farmer's Wife (started but never finished, maybe someday?). You can see a few of the blocks here.
Wild Side Pickledish Quilt
Other than the Farmer's Wife - which I am not sure if I will ever finish - this quilt completes my list.
Wild Side Pickledish Quilt
To be honest, this one has kind of scared me. It can be made with appliqué or it can be pieced, it involves paper piecing and sewing curves, and it was just a little intimidating.

I used the pattern in this Kaffe Fassett book and I HIGHLY recommend it. The pattern does involve foundation paper piecing and sewing some curves, but they are totally manageable. A couple of recommendations if you make this pattern yourself:
1. Cut your "spoke" pieces a little bigger than the pattern says to give you wiggle room when paper piecing and
2. leave the foundation paper piecing papers on while you sew the big outer curve, but remove them before you sew the small inner curve. It made things MUCH easier.
Wild Side Pickledish Quilt

I really enjoyed sewing with the Wildside fabrics for this quilt. They were in the December Culcita Box and they are the perfect amount of "wild" for this pattern.
Wild Side Pickledish Quilt
The backing fabric is also by Libs Elliott, from her True Love collection, and I love how it tones down the craziness of the quilt top but still has lots of personality.
Wild Side Pickledish Quilt
For the quilting, I did an grid of straight-ish, randomly spaced lines. I quilted them pretty close together to give the quilt lots of texture. The binding is a black solid and was sewn on with my normal big stitch method.
Wildside Pickledish Quilt
Finished size: 40" x 40"
Fabrics: Wildside by Libs Elliott 
Is the Pickle Dish on your bucket list? Pick up the book so you can make your own!

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Debra on

I agree that this great backing that reads gray is an excellent choice. More cozy than a white backing would be. And the backing is perfect!

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