The Mini Plaid-ish Quiltalong Week 2 — Cutting Your Fabric

The Mini Plaid-ish Quiltalong Week 2 — Cutting Your Fabric

Welcome to Week 2 of the Mini Plaid-ish Quiltalong. If you are making a scrap quilt like me, you may still be doing some fabric selecting as we start to cut into your fabric.

There are cutting instructions in the pattern, but I like to write out exactly what I need onto a piece of paper so that I can cross things off as I cut them (especially when making a scrap quilt). 

Mini Plaid-ish Quiltalong

Here are some good practices when cutting fabric.

Always Press Your Fabric

I know that it can seem like your fabric is already pretty flat, but pressing it will give you more accurate results and will make the fabric easier to cut. Pressing can be kind of a pain (especially if it's hot outside) but it is definitely worth it.

Replace Your Rotary Cutter

Maybe you are more fastidious than most quilters, but I think that the majority of us could use a new blade right about now. This will also help with accuracy and just make cutting more fun. The sound the rotary cutting makes when cutting with a fresh blade is very satisfying.

Clear Off Your Cutting Mat

This is a reminder to me as well because I am a bit of a mess, but cleaning off your cutting math before each project is a good habit. 

Check Value As You Go

I like to keep my phone next to me on my cutting table so that I can pull it out occasionally, switch it to black and white mode, and compare the value of the pieces that I am cutting. Sometimes I am surprised!

Cut the Largest Pieces First

There are several reasons why this is a good idea. If you are using yardage, cutting the larger pieces first will result in more efficient fabric cutting. If you are using scraps, it is easier to find smaller pieces so get those larger pieces taken care of first.

Stack Your Fabrics

Four? Five? Six? Depending on how much you trust yourself and the sharpness of your rotary blade, you can stack several scraps together to speed up the cutting process.

Mini Plaid-ish Quiltalong

Rulers Matter

My favorite rulers for cutting scraps are my 6.5" Creative Grids square ruler and my Stripology Squared Mini. Find the rulers that work best for you.

Don't Be Afraid to Change Your Mind

Did you cut a fabric and then decide it wasn't what you wanted for your quilt? It's ok to set it aside for a future project and use something else. 

Mini Plaid-ish Quiltalong

I am simultaneously cutting and selecting my fabric for my rainbow scrap Mini Plaid-ish Quilt and will have a video to share later this week with my progress. 

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Michelle on

Where is the pattern that tells us? What size squares we need to cut? Because it’s not in the information you’re giving. And I can’t find the pattern, so where is it?

Melanie Bowman on

Here is week 1 and the sign up to get the free pattern.

Gail Gassen on

Just stopping in after I saw this on my Samsung/Google information! This is the 2nd week so I’m interested in the first week also. Can I have a link to that first week? Thank you, Gail Gassen

Adele on

Hi Erica,

Love your posts! I might be slightly ahead of the QAL since I selected and cut my fabric before going on vacation. I am hoping you will cover piecing tips in your post on block construction. Mainly I am interested in knowing the pros and cons of pressing the seams open versus pressing to the side with these blocks in particular. Some people never press seams toward light-coloured fabric and some always press seams open. Maybe it’s personal preference!


Dee Ann Sagor on

I really had fun going the scraps, photographing, and choosing more. I got ahead, without thinking and have everything cut. I am doing two: one with scraps and another with yardage that have definite dark, medium and light. I’m looking forward to sewing! I also realize I need a calendar for my QAL/SAL, so I can keep track better. I’ve not worked like this with scraps before, so I’m hoping I did good!

Molly Alaria on

I love your quilts & patterns, thank you for sharing these with us! 😊

Susan on

I find it confusing to read this and then have a separate cutting chart.

Martha on

I get so overwhelmed with keeping track of how many pieces I have of each size. Any organization tips?

Rosemary B on

Ohhhh this is so pretty. Please email me the cutting sizes. I am READY to start cutting too!!!
Erica, you are so inspiring

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