The Harper Quilt - New PDF Pattern

The Harper Quilt - New PDF Pattern

I am excited to introduce a new pattern today! When I originally made this quilt for my daughter, I wasn't sure if people would be interested in a quilt that involves curves so I was on the fence about writing a pattern. But after a few requests, I decided to go for it.

The pattern is now available on Craftsy and Etsy.

Large Polka Dot Harper Quilt

In addition to the 60" x 72" lap size, there are also instructions to make a 36" x 48" baby size version. Here are a few things that I think are great about this pattern:
  • In addition to having instructions to make the larger polka dots (like I did in my quilt), there are also instructions to make small polka dots!
  • This pattern is a great introduction into sewing curves if you are trying them out for the first time - the curves are not too severe and once you are done sewing the curve, you are done with the block so the quilt is actually pretty quick!
  • The pattern works well with scraps or yardage and the instructions allow you to choose however many different fabrics you want to use in your quilt.
  • The PDF download includes coloring sheets to help you plan your quilt.

I had 4 wonderful pattern testers for this pattern and I am so excited to show you what they made. One of my favorite things about writing patterns is seeing how people make the pattern their own.

Lap Size - Miranda's Quilt
This is the SEVENTH quilt that Miranda has tested for me. She is amazing and always does an incredible job! Her quilt uses Bonnie and Camille prints and the smaller polka dot size.

Miranda's Harper Quilt

Lap Size - Michele's Quilt
I was so excited when I saw Michele's quilt because it never occurred to me to use different colors like this. Her quilt uses the larger polka dots.  This is what Michele had to say about the pattern: A great, clear pattern that I definitely plan on making again! It’s a pattern with the perfect amount of challenge! Enough to be fun and exciting but not so much to be considered tricky or difficult. I’d recommend it to anyone!

Michele's Harper Quilt

Baby Size - Carol's Quilt
Carol made the baby size version and is using it as a table topper - so cute! She made the smaller polka dot version and did red and white like Miranda, but with the colors reversed. It turned out great!

Carol's Harper Quilt

Baby Size - Donna's Quilt 
Donna was invaluable in helping me with this pattern because she asked so many questions that hadn't even occurred to me and that helped me clarify the instructions. Thanks Donna! She used the larger polka dots and a beautiful color scheme. 

Donna's Harper Quilt

One interesting thing was that I gave each of the testers a choice of making the larger or smaller polka dots - I was curious what people would prefer. It looks like it was split 50/50!

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