The Hannah Quilt Pattern - Mockups

The Hannah Quilt Pattern - Mockups

I had some fun putting these mockups together for the Hannah Quilt Pattern. Depending on the background fabric that you use for your quilt, the pattern can take on a more traditional or a more modern tone. Notice the Rifle Paper Co. collection here looks pretty traditional and the Sugar prints look very modern. I love that!

The Hannah Quilt in Birthday - Kitchen Table Quilting

You guys know I love a plain old boring white/light gray background fabric but I'm trying to be a little more adventurous for you so there is a pink one in here. Each of these quilts are mocked up in lap size (since that's my favorite - and many of your favorites too) which uses exactly 1 standard Jelly Roll.

Camont by Rifle Paper Co.

The Hannah Quilt in Camont

More Pie? by Dana Willard

The Hannah Quilt in More Pie

Starry by Alexia Abegg

The Hannah Quilt in Starry

Camellia by Melody Miller

The Hannah Quilt in Camellia

Gloria by Maureen Cracknell

The Hannah Quilt in Gloria

Sugar by Sarah Watts

The Hannah Quilt in Sugar

Do you have a favorite? I think if I were going to make another one right now, I would pick Starry but I think that might also be because I'm a little obsessed with this collection right now.

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