The Fiona Quilt Mockups

The Fiona Quilt Mockups

Normally today would be the day when I would share my 3rd quilt sample for the Fiona Quilt Pattern (don't worry, it's coming soon!). I just didn't get a chance to photograph the quilt yet so you are getting the mockup post a day early.

This was such an easy pattern to mockup so I got a teensy big carried away. I did keep things a little boring with the sashing choices (sorry!) but I wanted to let the other fabrics in the quilt really shine so all of the sashing fabrics in these are either off white or low volume. 

Probably the most important thing to consider when you are thinking about fabric placement in this quilt is the value (how light or dark the fabrics is) and I tried to give a variety of options here, but most of these have the darkest fabrics placed in similar locations because that is what I was naturally drawn toward. I did do one collection where I varied the value placement and showed both options so you could see what you liked best.

Coyote Hill by Katie O'Shea

The Fiona Quilt in Coyote Hill

Flowerland by Melody Miller

The Fiona Quilt in Flowerland

Eerie by Katarina Roccella

The Fiona Quilt in Eerie

Duval by Suzy Quilts (version 1)

The Fiona Quilt in Duval 1

Duval by Suzy Quilts (version 2)

The Fiona Quilt in Duval 2

Julia by Crystal Manning

The Fiona Quilt in Julia

Dog Park by Sarah Watts

The Fiona Quilt in Dog Park

Christmas in the Cabin by AGF Studio

The Fiona Quilt in Christmas in the Cabin

Hey Boo by Lella Boutique

The Fiona Quilt in Hey Boo

Rise and Shine by Melody Miller

The Fiona Quilt in Rise and Shine

Jubilee by Tilda Fabrics

The Fiona Quilt in Tilda

Flower Fields by Maureen Cracknell

The Fiona Quilt in the Flower Fields

Indigo Blooming by Debbie Maddy

The Fiona Quilt in Indigo Blooming
Clover and Dot by Allison Harris 
The FIona Quilt in Clover and Dot

Albion by Amy Smart

The Fiona Quilt in Albion
Curio by Rifle Paper Co.
The Fiona Quilt in RPC Curio

Do you have a favorite? I think mine is Eerie. This makes such a fun holiday quilt! I have linked to all of the fabric collections up above and you can find the Fiona Quilt Pattern in my shop now.

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MaryGin Rettman on

I love the way mine is turning out. I couldn’t wait to start!!

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