Sewing Room Confessions

Sewing Room Confessions

I have a difficult thing to admit: my sewing room has become unmanageable. There is way too much stuff crammed into a tiny little room and I can't take it anymore.

2019 Sewing Room

You might be thinking that it doesn't look THAT bad. Obviously, it could be a lot worse, but it is worse than it looks. If I try to pull fabric off my shelf, everything falls down. The closet is stuffed with batting scraps. My scrap bins are overflowing everywhere. This room should be my happy place! But it's not. 

I do have a plan! It is going to involve some Ikea furniture, some organizing, some new lighting, and a whole bunch of sewing.
  1. Make 1 scrap per month during 2019. I have already started this and am currently working to hand sew the binding onto 2 quilts. It feels good! Sewing with scraps is a lot of fun. 
  2. Make 1 quilt from my stash every month. Like a lot of quilters, I love to buy fabric, but CLEARLY I DO NOT NEED ANY MORE FABRIC. Of course I am going to keep buying fabric, but I also need to use what I have. 
  3. Replace current storage furniture. I ordered this Kallax unit, these Billy bookcases, plus a few accessories to help make everything more manageable. I just want to be able to find things!
  4. This room has one overhead light and it just isn't enough. I am saving up to get a couple of these Daylight Company lamps (one for my sewing table and one for my cutting table). 
  5. Finish all my WIPs! In the past, I have been the type of quilter that didn't start a new project until I finished the last one. But there are currently 3 finished quilt tops and 3 stacks of quilt blocks sitting in my sewing room. 

2019 Scrap Quilts

Now that I have put this all out there, I feel a lot better. I am going to be documenting all of this on Instagram (mostly in my stories, but I will also share in my feed) so if you would like to follow along, make sure you are following me!

Do you have any sewing room organization tips? I am not a naturally organized person so I could use them!

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