Sample Sale!

Sample Sale!

You guys know I make a few quilts (understatement!) and I have quite a few samples that are just sitting on my shelf waiting for someone to snuggle them.

In the past, I have done sample sales where I list the quilts at a very reasonable price and they have sold very quickly. After the last sale, there were several people who contacted me and said they thought an auction would give more people the opportunity to win a quilt so we are giving it a try.

sample sale (752 × 300 px) - 1

This time I am also going to be donating a big chunk of the proceeds to some different places. You can read about them on the auction page. I put a TON of thought into places where I thought my donation could make a real difference. 

There are 27 total quilts this time. Guys, some of these quilts are so hard for me to part with but I just cannot have this many quilts in my house. I really just want them to go to a home where they will be used and loved.

A few of things about the auction:

  • When you open the auction page, it shows the starting price for each quilt. If you click on the item, you will see the current bid. I have tried to change this so that you can see the current bid from the main page and as far as I can tell, there isn't a way to change it. 
  • In order to bid, you will need to make an account. This is another thing that I couldn't get around — it's required for the auction to work. If you try to place a bid, a little yellow box will pop up that will prompt you to make an account. You can also use this account when ordering patterns in the future, but it won't be required. 
  • Domestic shipping (that means within the US) will be free for all of the quilts. I have included international shipping this time and that will be a flat rate $30. 
  • I am hoping to get these shipped out within 1-2 days of the auction ending, but please be patient with me if it takes longer. 
  • None of the quilts are labeled and I do not have time to put a KTQ label on them before shipping. If you would like one of my labels to add to your quilt, please send me an email ( and let me know. I might not see comments on posts or DMs in time to include the label.
  • I have auctions ending on different days and times next week. I know that we are not all in the same time zone so I am trying to make things as fair as possible. The first auctions end on 9/5 and the last ones end on 9/9.

If you have any questions or any feedback for me about the sample sale, please let me know. I am always trying to make things run a little more smoothly.

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