Rotary Cutter Recommendations

Rotary Cutter Recommendations

 A couple of weeks ago as I was trimming half square triangles for the Carly Quiltalong, I noticed something distressing - my cutting mat was basically dissolving into dust as I cut. This was a green Olfa mat that I have only had for a couple of years and it was just not holding up to my cutting. I decided to pick up a new mat (I got this one, love it so far, I will do a review once I have used it more) and while I was getting a new cutting mat, I decided to get a new rotary cutter.

The Iris Quilt in Ombre - Kitchen Table Quilting

I bought the Creative Grids cutter to match the new cutting mat and I have been SO DISAPPOINTED in it. The blade is difficult to extend/retract and the blade guard interferes with cutting. After posting about the issues on Instagram, I asked for advice: which rotary cutter is your favorite? I collected the responses and compiled them into the list below.

Rotary Cutters - Kitchen Table Quilting

Some of these were recommended lots of times (Martelli and Olfa had the most recommendations) and some just a couple, but I wanted to give you the full list because I know not everyone is looking for the same thing. They are listed here in order from the least to most expensive option.

Rotary Cutter Recommendations - Kitchen Table Quilting


My first rotary cutter that I purchased was a Fiskars and I still use it now for cutting paper (I put a dull blade on it and it works great!). This one looks like a nice update over the mode that I have.

Rotary Cutter Recommendations - Kitchen Table Quilting


I have never seen anything like this! Several people recommended it and I can imagine that it would be easier on your wrist. Plus, it is pretty inexpensive so I think I am going to give it a try.

Rotary Cutter Recommendations - Kitchen Table Quilting


This is a great cutter - I actually have a yellow, aqua, and pink one. The blade is easy to change too which is a big bonus for me.
Rotary Cutter Recommendations - Kitchen Table Quilting


Lots of people recommended this cutter and I have never even heard of it. It looks like it has a nice mechanism for moving the blade.
Rotary Cutter Recommendations - Kitchen Table Quilting


This one is very similar to the Martelli but looks like it is made of a sturdier plastic.
Rotary Cutter Recommendations - Kitchen Table Quilting

Olfa Deluxe

This is my favorite cutter that I currently own. The only drawback is that it is a little bit annoying to swap out the blade.Rotary Cutter Recommendations - Kitchen Table Quilting


I know nothing about this one and it doesn't seem to be carried by very many shops, but several people said they love it.
Rotary Cutter Recommendations - Kitchen Table Quilting

Quilter's Select

This looks very similar to the Creative Grids cutter that I purchased, without the drawbacks. I wish I had picked up this one instead.
Rotary Cutter Recommendations - Kitchen Table Quilting

Tula Pink

It's not cheap, but it sure is pretty. I like that the mechanism to open/close the blade is on the handle.

I am hoping to buy at least a couple of these to give them a try - I will keep you updated with what I find out. Do you have a favorite rotary cutter?

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Judi on

I have several rotary cutters, but my favorite is the 60 mm Olfa Deluxe.
I Like that the blade is withdrawn when I lay it down unless it’s locked….which is a nice feature when traveling. I cut several thicknesses frequently so 60 mm blade is my choice. My hand has never felt fatigued…and I cut a lot! I have two of the 60 mm and I keep one (marked) with last used blade just for cutting batting.

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