Meet the Erica Quilt Pattern!

Meet the Erica Quilt Pattern!

One of the questions that I get most often is: "Where do you get the names for your patterns?" There isn't just one answer to this because they have come from various phrases, but I bet you can guess where the name for the Erica Quilt Pattern came from.

Yes, it's named after me and it felt so strange putting my own name on the pattern! I have been planning to use my name at some point and was just waiting for a pattern that felt right. Here are my reasons why this felt like the one.

  • The quilt has an overall design rather than a repeating block based pattern and is similar to my Eliza and Libby Quilt patterns. 
  • The pattern is fat quarter friendly, which is my favorite precut.
  • And it is scrap friendly! Of course a pattern named after me would have to be perfect for scraps.
  • The cover quilt involves fussy cutting, which I love.
The Erica Quilt Pattern in Picture Book - Kitchen Table Quilting

And I just really love this pattern. I think you will find construction to be simple and the non-scrappy version is strip-pieced so it is also quick! 

The Erica Quilt Pattern in Picture Book - Kitchen Table Quilting

This quilt will definitely be a go-to for scraps for me in the future. I have three versions to share with you: this cover quilt that uses Picture Book by Kimberly Kight, one using Evolve by Suzy Quilts, and a rainbow scrap quilt that I think you are going to love.

You can find the Erica Quilt Pattern in the shop now as either a PDF or paper pattern!

If you have any collections that you would like to see mocked up in this pattern, let me know in the comments!

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Erica on

I love this! As a kid many decades ago there wasn’t a lot of merchandise out there with the name “Erica” on it the way there was for other names. I’m so excited to see an Erica quilt and am dreaming up which fabric to use. Thank you for this and all your well-designed patterns and contributions to the quilting community.

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